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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterHomo sapiens Remove filterJul 24, 2010
Expression data from Hodgkin lymphoma cell lines UHO-1 and L-1236 transduced with shRNAs against GATA-3 or non-functional control shRNAs
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12 Claudia Döring Jul 24, 2010
Differential gene expression profiles of human promyelocytic leukemia cell lines exposed to benzene and its metabolites
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9 Sailendra Nath Sarma Jul 24, 2010
Gene expression profiling of neural stem cells derived from iPS cells (iPSc) of Sanfilippo syndrome type B (MPSIIIB) patient versus control
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5 Pierre de la Grange Jul 24, 2010
Different propensity in hematopoietic differentiation potential among distinct human pluripotent stem cell lines
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12 Gustavo J Melen Jul 24, 2010
Profiling and Functional Analyses of MicroRNAs and Their Target Gene Products in Human Uterine Leiomyomas
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10 Jiri ZAVADIL Jul 24, 2010
Basal gene expression data from Human Variation Panel
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287 Liewei Wang Jul 24, 2010
ChIP-Seq of Histone Methylation and RNAP2 in Human Jurkat cells.
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6 Richard A Young Jul 24, 2010
miRNA expression profile of SCLC cell lines vs. normal lung
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4 Beata Scholtz Jul 24, 2010
MicroRNA expression from ARPE-19 cells: control and PDTC treated.
2 Cynthia Jawoski Jul 24, 2010
microRNA expression in human tonsillar B cell populations
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6 Seolkyoung Jung Jul 24, 2010