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ChIP-chip analysis of transcription factors GABP, SRF, TAF, and NRSF on Affymetrix whole genome tiling arrays 2.0R
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119 David Scott Johnson Jul 19, 2007
Tissue/Cell DNaseI sensitivity/hypersensitivity screening
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59 John A Stamatoyannopoulos Sep 30, 2007
Tissue/Cell DNaseI sensitivity/hypersensitivity screening II
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119 John A Stamatoyannopoulos Apr 30, 2008
Genome-wide analysis of H3K79 methylation in CD34+ CD19+ cells from normal marrow, MLL-rearranged or MLL-germline ALL
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3 Madeleine E. Lemieux Nov 04, 2008
H3K79 methylation profiles define murine and human MLL-AF4 leukemias
49 Madeleine E. Lemieux Nov 04, 2008
Genome-wide Analysis of Histone Methylations in Memory CD8+ T Cells
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6 Chongzhi Zang Jun 12, 2009
Chromatin Signatures in Multipotent Human HSCs Indicate the Fate of Bivalent Genes during Differentiation
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24 Chongzhi Zang Jan 09, 2009
CTCF demarcates chromatin domains
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7 Raja Jothi Oct 20, 2008
Genome-wide mapping of RNA Polymerase II binding sites
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4 Flora Vaccarino Oct 02, 2008
Chromatin architecture organized by histone variants H3.3 and H2A.Z in the human genome
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6 Chongzhi Zang Jul 26, 2009
Nascent RNA sequencing reveals widespread pausing and divergent initiation at human promoters
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2 Leighton James Core Dec 04, 2008
mRNP-mRNA Association Map (Tier I - G10, HuR, Imp, PABP)
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33 Sridar V Chittur Jan 24, 2009
Gene Body Hypermethylation of ATM in Peripheral Blood DNA of Bilateral Breast Cancer Patients
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14 James Flanagan Jan 29, 2009
ChIP-Seq of ERalpha and RNA polymerase II defines genes differentially responding to ligands
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8 H.G. Stunnenberg Mar 09, 2009
Digital DNA methylation analysis of stem cell reprogramming by targeted bisulfite sequencing
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12 Kun Zhang Apr 27, 2009
Comprehensive DNA methylation analysis of neuronal and non-neuronal nuclei in the human brain
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6 Kazuya Iwamoto Feb 21, 2011
Genome-wide analysis of differential methylation and gene expression in a testicular cancer cell line
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13 Hoi Hung Cheung Mar 18, 2009
Expression data from rapamycin treatment and/or p73 knock-down in Rh30 cells
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8 Jennifer Pietenpol Jan 05, 2011
Genome-wide mapping of HATs and HDACs in human CD4+ T cells
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41 Chongzhi Zang Aug 20, 2009
Interplay between c-Jun and TAp73α/β contributes to the apoptosis-survival balance
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15 Marion Lohrum Mar 01, 2011