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Genome-wide mapping of HATs and HDACs in human CD4+ T cells
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41 Chongzhi Zang Aug 20, 2009
Osteogenesis depends on commissioning of a network of stem cell transcription factors that act as repressors of adipogenesis
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170 Susanne Mandrup Dec 01, 2018
GPSeq Reveals the radial organization of chromatin in the cell nucleus
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28 Gabriele Girelli May 25, 2020
A single cell atlas of human glioma under therapy
113 Aaron Diaz Jul 05, 2022
DAXX genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput ChIP sequencing
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3 Daiqing Liao Dec 20, 2021
Promiscuous RNA binding by PRC2
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6 Chen Davidovich Sep 28, 2013
Contribution of natural antisense transcription to an endogenous siRNA signature in human cells
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3 Simon Cockell Feb 28, 2014
RNA m5C Methylation in breast cancer using MeRIP-Seq
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10 Xiaodong Cui Feb 20, 2014
Genome-wide maps of HES1 binding-site in human chondrogenic cell.
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1 Shurei Sugita Aug 02, 2014
Effect of cortistatin A (CA) on enhancer occupancy in CA-sensitive and -insensitive human cell lines
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53 Matthew D. Shair Sep 25, 2015
Argonaute 2 binds directly to tRNA genes and promotes gene repression in cis
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11 keith e giles May 17, 2015
Antisense transcription predicts a distinct chromatin environment at mammalian promoters
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7 Christopher Lavender Feb 11, 2017
N6-methyladenosine-Mediated Nuclear Export of Messenger RNA
38 Ian Roundtree Oct 12, 2017
The conserved transcriptional landscapes in human spermatogenesis
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12 Frédéric Chalmel Nov 24, 2017
The control of rRNA synthesis during the directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells precedes heterochromatin formation.
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21 Jessica L Woolnough Sep 16, 2016
MYOCD overexpression in HCASMs
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4 mingyan lin Aug 31, 2016
Exploring the occupancy and interaction with FXR2, STAT1/3 and H3K4me3 at genomic level of FXR1 in H358 and AGS cell line by ChIP-seq
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15 Bin Xiang Sep 01, 2017
Analysis of active enhancers and direct androgen receptor target genes in VCaP prostate cancer cells
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20 Sari Toropainen Oct 06, 2016
High-resolution Comparative Analysis Reveals a Primitive 3D Genome in Embryonic Stem Cells
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4 Fulai Jin Aug 31, 2017
Menin Enhances c-Myc-mediated Transcriptional Activity To Promote Cancer Progression
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9 Ping Gao Jun 09, 2017