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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterHomo sapiens Remove filterCSV Remove filterJun 09, 2023
IgM from common variable immunodeficiency patients narrowly recognizes erythrocyte and platelet glycans
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Tian Tian Jun 09, 2023
Extension of mRNA poly(A) tails and 3′UTRs during neuronal differentiation exhibits variable association with post-transcriptional dynamics
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23 Dylan Kiltschewskij Jun 09, 2023
Divergent Functions of Histone Acetyltransferase Paralogs KAT2A and KAT2B in Keratinocyte Stemness and Differentiation
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Chin Yan Lim Jun 09, 2023
Screening autism-associated environmental factors in differentiating human neural progenitors with fractional factorial design-based transcriptomics
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43 Abishek Arora Jun 09, 2023
Context-defined cancer co-dependency mapping identifies a functional interplay between PRC2 and MLL-MEN1 complex in lymphoma
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77 Chao Lu Jun 09, 2023