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Transcriptional profiling by 3' digital gene expression of huCD45+CD34+ HSPCs isolated from the bone marrow of humanized NSG mice
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Frédéric Chalmel Oct 04, 2023
Guanosine-7 tRNA methylation steers tRNA-derived fragment biogenesis and translational control in prostate cancer
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12 Sabine Dietmann Aug 08, 2023
Preliminary insights into RNA in CSF of SMA patients after Nusinersen “loading dose”
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Maria Garofalo Jul 03, 2023
RNA sequencing of human regulatory T cell clones, both Faecalibacterium prausnitzii-reactive DP8a (CD4,CD8alphalow) Tregs and (CD4,CD25high,CD127low) Foxp3 Tregs obtained from the colon lamina propria and from the blood.
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Raluca TEUSAN Nov 09, 2022
mRNA data from C8+ T cells exposed to DCMU or control vehicle (DMSO)
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48 Delphine Fradin Jul 05, 2022
BRB-seq analysis of PFOS disruption of key developmental pathways during hiPSC-derived cardiomyocyte differentiation
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Frédéric Chalmel May 03, 2022
PCSK9 is involved in human induced pluripotent stem cell proliferation through the regulation of the NODAL signaling pathway
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15 Antoine Rimbert Aug 05, 2021
Transcriptional deregulation in subcutaneous adipose tissue from severely obese patients is associated with cancer: focus on gender differences and role of type 2 diabetes
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20 Letizia Messa Mar 10, 2021
Characterization of glyceollins as novel aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligands and their role in cell migration
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90 Frédéric Chalmel Apr 17, 2020
Comprehensive Profiling of Rheumatoid Arthritis Antibody Repertoire
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26 Ken Lo Oct 21, 2019
Whole genome-derived tiled peptide arrays detect pre-diagnostic autoantibody signatures in non-small cell lung cancer
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Yuanqing Yan Mar 11, 2019
Fine Mapping and Functional Characterization of Genetic Variants in the FAM13A Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease GWAS locus using Massively Parallel Reporter Assays
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4 Dandi Qiao Jan 19, 2019
Human serum and heparin-free platelet lysate as appropriate xeno-free alternatives for production of human MuStem cell batches
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6 Aurélie Lardenois May 09, 2018
HCMV Latently infected Kasumi-3 transcription analysis.
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6 Eain Anthony Murphy Apr 24, 2018
ZFR coordinates crosstalk between RNA decay and transcription in innate immunity
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18 J Robert Hogg Jan 29, 2018
Effective Detection of Variation in Single Cell Transcriptome using MATQ-seq
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91 Kuanwei Sheng Dec 31, 2016
Variable chromatin secondary structures in live cells revealed by radiation-induced spatially correlated DNA cleavage mapping [RICC-Seq]
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29 William J Greenleaf Dec 26, 2016
mRNA expression of breast cancer cell lines across different densities [SCRB-Seq]
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87 Marc Hafner May 01, 2016
Characterization of differentiating adipose cells by high-throughput single-cell RNA-Seq
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52 Magali Soumillon Dec 23, 2014
Expression data to investigate Costello syndrome using human iPSCs differentiated into astroglial progenitors and astrocytes
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9 Robert Krencik Dec 16, 2014