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The menu of features that define primary microRNAs and enable de novo design of microRNA genes
22 Wenwen Fang Sep 24, 2015
APC ChIP-seq in HCT-116 colon cancer cell line
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4 Joanna Groden May 24, 2018
Chromatin binding profiles of the APC tumor suppressor and changes in gene expression following APC silencing
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7 Joanna Groden May 24, 2018
SIRT7-dependent deacetylation of fibrillarin controls H2A methylation and rRNA synthesis during the cell cycle
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17 Nicolai Krogh Dec 12, 2018
ZAKα Recognizes Stalled Ribosomes through Partially Redundant Sensor Domains
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2 Nicolai Krogh Apr 15, 2020
Stem cells utilize m6A-mediated decay via YTHDF2 to regulate neural differentiation and promote pluripotency
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7 Carol J Wilusz Mar 21, 2020
Single-molecule long-read sequencing reveals a conserved intact long RNA profile in sperm
15 Xin Li Jan 11, 2021
The upregulation of miR-98-5p affects the glycosylation of IgA1 through cytokines in IgA nephropathy
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12 Hong Liu Feb 20, 2023
Mapping the regulatory potential of fixed variants in modern humans
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19 David Gokhman Oct 09, 2020
Non-coding RNA and mRNA expression profile in multi-drug resistance of colorectal cancer
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9 Qingming Wu Apr 28, 2024
The Integrator complex regulates microRNA abundance through RISC loading
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190 Felipe Beckedorff Feb 14, 2023
Re-generation of cytotoxic γδT cells with distinctive signatures from human γδT-derived iPSCs
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2 Michiyo Koyanagi-Aoi Feb 24, 2023
targeted single-cell RNA sequencing data of residual TIM-3+ leukemic stem cells post-SCT_2
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1 Teppei Sakoda Jun 19, 2022
PI3Kγ maintains the self-renewal of acute myeloid leukemia stem cell through regulation of the pentose phosphate pathway
24 Jean Zhao Feb 02, 2024
PI3Kβ controls immune evasion in PTEN-deficient breast tumors
103 Jean Zhao Mar 07, 2023
­­Rapid TCR:Epitope Ranker (RAPTER): A primary human T cell reactivity screening assay pairing epitope and TCR at single cell resolution
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52 Lili Blumenberg Aug 25, 2023
Effects of Rift Valley fever virus infection on gene expression and alternative splicing in HEK 293 cells
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9 J Stephen Lodmell Sep 12, 2023
Three-dimensional genome architecture persists in a 52,000-year-old woolly mammoth skin sample
136 Olga Dudchenko May 22, 2024
Single cell immune profiling of the human upper airway
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201 Shane Crotty Jun 24, 2024
Acquisition of a Glycosylated B-Cell Receptor Drives Follicular Lymphoma Towards a Dark Zone Phenotype
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2 Cornelis A.M. van Bergen Jul 24, 2023