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RNA-seq of HBV-infected differentiated HepaRG under RG7834
24 Roland Schmucki Oct 18, 2017
L1000 Connectivity Map perturbational profiles from Broad Institute LINCS Center for Transcriptomics LINCS PHASE *II* (n=354,123; updated March 30, 2017)
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Aravind Subramanian Jul 15, 2015
RNA-seq following enhancer repression
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8 Xiaoyang Zhang Oct 26, 2015
Effect of SF3B1 suppression in cancer cells with different SF3B1 copy-number levels
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16 Brenton Paolella Feb 07, 2017
Molecular phenotyping of antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) in immortalized proximal tubule epithelial cells (PTEC-TERT1)
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107 Jitao David Zhang Mar 13, 2017
RNA-sequencing based transcriptome-wide expression profiling of Cynomolgus monkey and human IPSCs in vitro differentiated into endothelial cells
32 Tobias Heckel Jul 15, 2016
Experimental validation of candidate regulators of KRAS transcriptional components.
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21 Jong Wook Kim Jul 10, 2017
Binding to SMN2 pre-mRNA-Protein complex elicits specificity for small molecule splicing modifiers
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6 Roland Schmucki Aug 11, 2017
Molecular phenotyping empowers drug discovery: a proof-of-concept study
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104 Jitao David Zhang May 24, 2017
Expression charcaterization of an internal protocol developed to differentiate RPE cells
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40 Roland Schmucki Jun 20, 2018
Genome-wide analysis of HDAC9 and BRG1 protein-RNA interactions in TAA by CLIP-seq
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6 christian lacks lino cardenas Jan 13, 2018
Rational targeting of RNA structure in SMN2 transcripts reverses Spinal Muscular Atrophy molecular phenotypes
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8 Roland Schmucki Mar 06, 2018
SMAD4 impedes conversion of NK cells into ILC1-like cells by curtailing non-canonical TGFb signaling (human data sets)
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4 Victor S Cortez Jul 31, 2017
Genetic regulatory mechanisms of smooth muscle cells map to coronary artery disease risk loci
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60 Thomas Quertermous Aug 09, 2018
Single-cell microRNA-mRNA co-sequencing reveals non-genetic heterogeneity and mechanisms of microRNA regulation
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42 Jun Lu Oct 26, 2018
TRPS1 is a lineage-specific transcriptional dependency in breast cancer [Seq]
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132 Kornelia Polyak Oct 03, 2018
GBA1 regulates the CLEAR network through Calcineurin and TFEB in cellular models of Parkinson´s disease
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12 Jitao David Zhang Dec 31, 2022
RNA-seq analysis for resistance to PI3K inhibition in Glioblastoma (GBM)
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4 Dimpy Koul Dec 14, 2018
RNAseq of MAIT cells in human peripheral blood from acutely infected, HIV+ donors
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36 Dohoon Kim Feb 20, 2019
Microarray data from human cultured ILC3s
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4 Marco Colonna Jun 18, 2019