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Systematic benchmarking of single-cell ATAC sequencing protocols
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56 Stein Aerts May 22, 2023
Single cell trajectory mapping of human pluripotent stem cells differentiating towards lung and hepatocyte progenitors
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16 Meshal Ansari Apr 17, 2023
Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals ex vivo signatures of SARS-CoV-2-reactive T cells through "reverse phenotyping"
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14 Meshal Ansari May 25, 2021
COPD basal cells are primed towards secretory to multi-ciliated cell imbalance driving increased resilience to environmental stressors
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29 Meshal Ansari Apr 01, 2024
CHD-associated enhancers direct human cardiomyocyte lineage commitment.
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14 Daniel Armendariz May 15, 2022
Modeling Hepatoblastoma: Identification of Distinct Tumor Cell Populations and Key Genetic Mechanisms through Single Cell Sequencing (scRNA-seq)
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7 Bruce J Aronow Jul 29, 2021
Preclinical Evidence for the Glucocorticoid-Sparing Potential of a Dual Toll-Like Receptor 7/8 Inhibitor in Autoimmune Diseases
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24 Andrew Bender Sep 01, 2023
Gene expression profiles at single-cell level of human post-mortem brain tissue from the orbitofrontal cortex
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Elisabeth Binder May 15, 2024
A proximal-to-distal survey of healthy adult human small intestine and colon epithelium by single-cell transcriptomics
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6 Jarrett Bliton Feb 21, 2022
Transcriptomics informs design of a planar human enterocyte culture system that reveals metformin enhances fatty acid flux
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20 Jarrett Bliton Aug 02, 2022
A Leaky Human Colon Model Reveals Uncoupled Apical/Basal Cytotoxicity in Early Clostridioides difficile Toxin Exposure
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21 Jarrett Bliton Feb 13, 2023
Hypoxia primes human ISCs for interleukin-dependent rescue of stem cell activity
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19 Jarrett Bliton Sep 01, 2023
10X genomics single cell GEX and VDJ 5' sequencing of PBMC from Type 1 Diabetes patients treated with Treg therapy alone or plus low dose IL-2
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84 Jeffrey A Bluestone Sep 25, 2021
Ultra-high throughput single-cell RNA sequencing by combinatorial fluidic indexing
14 Christoph Bock Mar 11, 2021
Mechanisms of failing erythropoiesis in Diamond-Blackfan anemia revealed by single cell profiling of human bone marrow progenitors
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9 Dave M Bodine Aug 31, 2021
Single cell RNAseq of engineered human mini bones for the standarized modeling of healthy hematopoiesis, leukemia and solid tumor metastasis
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Paul Bourgine Oct 24, 2022
Integrating multimodal data sets into a mathematical framework to describe and predict therapeutic resistance in cancer
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3 Amy Brock Feb 08, 2021
Quantifying the effect of experimental perturbations in single-cell3RNA-sequencing data using graph signal processing
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6 Daniel Burkhardt Nov 14, 2020
A sandbox for prediction and integration of DNA, RNA, and proteins in single cells
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Daniel B Burkhardt Jan 24, 2022
scRNA-seq TF-driven forward programmed hiPSCs to multiple fates
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95 Volker Busskamp Jul 21, 2020