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snRNA-seq analysis of apical-out endometrial organoids including endometrial stromal cells and human umbilical vein endothelial cells
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3 Shun Shibata Nov 11, 2023
scRNA-seq TF-driven forward programmed hiPSCs to multiple fates
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95 Volker Busskamp Jul 21, 2020
Yield and diversity of human distal lung epithelial cells isolated by different sorting strategies
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2 Jonathan A Kropski May 03, 2024
Ultra-high throughput single-cell RNA sequencing by combinatorial fluidic indexing
14 Christoph Bock Mar 11, 2021
Trellis Single-Cell Screening Reveals Stromal Regulation of Patient-Derived Organoid Drug Responses
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James Opzoomer Dec 06, 2023
Translational Insights from Cell-type variation across Amygdala Subnuclei in Rhesus Monkeys and Humans
1 Andrew Fox Apr 05, 2024
Transitions in lineage specification and gene regulatory networks in hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells over human development
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9 Supat Thongjuea Sep 14, 2021
Transcriptomics informs design of a planar human enterocyte culture system that reveals metformin enhances fatty acid flux
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20 Jarrett Bliton Aug 02, 2022
Transcriptomic analyses of cutaneous immune network in patiens with atopic dermatitis challenged with house dust mite (HDM) patch test
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61 Marta Ewa Polak May 16, 2023
Transcriptome-wide characterization of genetic perturbations
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224 Joseph Replogle May 05, 2024
Transcriptional responses of the human dorsal striatum in opioid use disorder implicates cell type-specifc programs
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24 BaDoi Nguyen Phan Nov 28, 2023
Transcription and splicing regulation by NLRC5 shape the interferon response in human pancreatic β-cells [iPSC scRNAseq]
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10 Florian Szymczak Sep 14, 2022
Tracheal aspirate RNA sequencing identifies distinct immunological features of COVID-19 ARDS
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58 Aartik Sarma Dec 18, 2020
To Be or Not to Be - Decoding the Trabecular Meshwork Cell Identity
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Alice Yuxuan Tian Apr 26, 2024
The Single-cell and spatial transcriptional landscape of human development
23 Zeyuan Liu May 15, 2023
Tabula Sapiens
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1 Angela Oliveira Pisco May 13, 2022
Systematic benchmarking of single-cell ATAC sequencing protocols
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56 Stein Aerts May 22, 2023
Stem cell-derived human liver organoids to model the progression of inflammatory and fibrotic injury in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
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19 Alan C. Mullen Oct 02, 2023
Spatially resolved single-cell RNA-sequencing reveals expression heterogeneity in tumor microenvironment
11 George Christopher Hartoularos Jan 08, 2021
Spatially resolved human kidney multi-omics single cell atlas highlights the key role of fibrotic microenvironment in kidney disease progression.
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80 Jonathan Levinsohn Jan 17, 2024