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Focused gene expression microarray of tumors from 596 men with prostate cancer using RNA from archival FFPE tissue
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1192 Robert B. Jenkins Jun 10, 2008
Using ChIP-chip technology to reveal common principles of transcriptional repression in normal and cancer cells
47 Vitalina Komashko Mar 31, 2008
Tumor Liver vs Normal Liver: ChIP-chip and RNA expression
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45 Mark Bieda Jun 04, 2008
MicroRNAs and mRNAs differentially expressed in 5 glioblastoma spheroid cultures upon ATRA treatment
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20 Aurelie Ernst Jul 20, 2010
Preclinical Validation of a Microarray Method for Full Molecular Karyotyping of Blastomeres in a 24-hour Protocol
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622 David Scott Johnson Dec 04, 2009
Gene expression profiles upon a microarray-based NSD3L-directed siRNA knockdown in human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231.
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2 Zhangle Zhou Jun 15, 2010
Comprehensive Analysis of Karyotypic Mosaicism between Trophectoderm and Inner Cell Mass
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130 David Scott Johnson Sep 28, 2010
Methylation analysis of cancer and control samples.
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158 Michael A. Tainsky Nov 01, 2012
Endothelial Raf1 activation regulates arterial morphogenesis
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12 yong deng Dec 18, 2012
RUNX2 selectively attenuates or augments androgen-driven transcription in prostate cancer
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12 Gillian Little Mar 20, 2014
Effect of NDRG3 overexpression on cell response to hypoxia
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4 Minho Kang Jul 24, 2015
Effect of NDRG3 or HIF-1α knockdown on cell response to hypoxia
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9 Minho Kang Jul 24, 2015
Effect of NDRG3 over-expression and knockdown on cell response to hypoxia
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37 Minho Kang Jul 24, 2015
Genome-wide analysis of genes regulated by p44/wdr77 and PRMT5 in lung and prostate cancer cells
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12 Wencai Ma Apr 14, 2014
Human A375 melanoma cell line treated with trifluorothymidine (TFT) and lactimidomycin (LTM)
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12 Wencai Ma Jan 01, 2018
Correlating Gene Signatures with Outcome to find Features and Drugs Relevant to Cancer
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72 Wencai Ma Jan 01, 2018
An RNAi screen probing signaling control of human embryonic stem cells establishes the cell cycle-regulated restriction of the exit from pluripotency (CCNB1 overexpression)
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15 Kevin Andrew Gonzales Jul 28, 2015
LNK suppresses interferon signaling in M202 melanoma cells
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4 SIQIN ZHOU Apr 30, 2019
Pan-genomic study of primary human retinoblastoma samples
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312 Elodie chapeaublanc Jul 06, 2021
Stilbenoids remodel the DNA methylation patterns in breast cancer cells and inhibit oncogenic NOTCH signaling through epigenetic regulation of MAML2 transcriptional activity
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12 Barbara Stefanska Aug 10, 2016