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Mechanisms of Restoring T Cell Immunity after Cure of Chronic Viral Infection
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128 Sonu Subudhi Sep 08, 2022
A modular CRISPR screen identifies individual and combination pathways contributing to HIV-1 latency
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89 Jorja Henikoff Dec 26, 2022
Transcriptomic profiling of drug-treated human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) [Conv-GEO-Depot]
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1171 Ravi Iyengar Nov 14, 2022
Transcriptomic profiling of drug-treated human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) [DGE-GEO-Depot]
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344 Ravi Iyengar Nov 14, 2022
Wnt inhibitors reduce the unfolded protein response and enhance bortezomib-induced cell death in multiple myeloma
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10 Victor Peperzak Jan 01, 2023
Next Generation Sequencing Quantitative Analysis of altered expression of genes in DHCR24 overexpressing bladder cancer cells
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6 jian, cheng chen Nov 10, 2023
Discovery of extracellular vesicles derived miR-185-5p in patient’s plasma as an indicator for advanced adenoma and malignant tumor of colon
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18 yunjie shi Sep 11, 2023
Skeletal muscle DNA methylation and mRNA responses to a bout of higher versus lower load resistance exercise in previ-ously trained men
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64 Adam P Sharples Dec 14, 2022
Scalable single-cell profiling of chromatin modifications with sciCUT&Tag
34 Jorja Henikoff Jul 13, 2023
RNA sequencing of an optimized shuttle cell line for intranasal delivery
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9 Ali El-Ayoubi Aug 18, 2023
Epigenomic analysis of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded samples by CUT&Tag
192 Jorja Henikoff Sep 08, 2023
TempO-Seq sequencing of Dimethylamine
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15 Matthias M Wehr Jun 25, 2024
Identifying human pre-mRNA cleavage and polyadenylation factors by genome-wide CRISPR screens in a dual fluorescence readthrough reporter (2)
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12 Jack Greenblatt Apr 11, 2024