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Whole transcript analysis of amyloid beta 42 (Aβ42)-induced SH-SY5Y cells in control and treated groups
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12 Aimi Syamima Abdul Manap Jul 31, 2020
Wnt inhibitors reduce the unfolded protein response and enhance bortezomib-induced cell death in multiple myeloma
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10 Victor Peperzak Jan 01, 2023
X-linked CNV burden and male infertility
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200 Chiara Chianese Oct 01, 2012
YAP mediates crosstalk between the Hippo and PI3K-TOR pathway by suppressing PTEN via miR-29
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3 Karen Tumaneng Oct 01, 2012
[E-MTAB-513] Illumina Human Body Map 2.0 Project
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48 European Bioinformatics Institute Jul 14, 2011
array-CGH profiling of human neuroblastoma samples obtained from infants included in the INES99.1, INES99.2 and INES99.3 trials
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218 Gudrun Schleiermacher Dec 07, 2011
cDNA microarray analysis of human keratinocytes irradiated by ELF-EMF
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ChengWei Chang Oct 12, 2006
hESC-based human glial chimeric mice reveal glial differentiation defects in Huntington disease
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48 Steven Goldman Nov 10, 2018
mRNP-mRNA Association Map (Tier I - G10, HuR, Imp, PABP)
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33 Sridar V Chittur Jan 24, 2009
miRNAs in human subcutaneous adipose tissue: Effects of weight loss induced by hypo-caloric diet and exercise
24 Malene Maag Kristensen Feb 17, 2017
microRNA expression profiling during Adipocytic differentiation of human MSCs (hMSC-TERT)
9 Nehad M Alajez Sep 09, 2014
use of aCGH in a large series of prenatal samples
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956 Lluis Armengol Jan 07, 2014