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A three-dimensional map of the human genome at kilobase resolution reveals prinicples of chromatin looping
200 Suhas Rao Dec 11, 2014
Cut-and-Run in situ factor profiling maps DNA binding and 3D contact sites at high resolution
126 Jorja Henikoff Dec 30, 2016
Non-canonical DNA structures at eukaryotic centromeres can resolve the CENP-B paradox
7 Jorja Henikoff Jan 28, 2018
Targeted in situ genome-wide profiling with high efficiency for low cell numbers
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15 Jorja Henikoff Mar 21, 2018
Unexpected conformational variations of the human centromeric chromatin complex
  • Link icon Homo sapiens
35 Jorja Henikoff Jan 31, 2018
A streamlined protocol and analysis pipeline for CUT&RUN chromatin profiling
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67 Jorja Henikoff Jun 24, 2019
Pioneer factor-nucleosome binding events during differentiation are motif-encoded
  • Link icon Homo sapiens
109 Jorja Henikoff Jun 25, 2019
A single-cell transcriptome atlas of the human pancreas
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18 Mauro Muraro Jun 24, 2016
The single cell transcriptional landscape of human lung adenocarcinoma (primary tumours and metastases)
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17 Ashley M Laughney Jan 14, 2020
Integrating microarray-based spatial transcriptomics and single-cell RNA-seq reveals tissue architecture in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas
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23 Itai Yanai Jan 13, 2020
Circadian networks in human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes
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4 Pieterjan Dierickx May 12, 2017
Profiling of escape kinetics of viruses subjected to RNAi
41 Benjamin tenOever Sep 10, 2018
Higher-order inter-chromosomal hubs shape 3-dimensional genome organization in the nucleus
20 Sofia Agustina Quinodoz Jun 07, 2018
RNAseq of 8505c cell line with HHEX knockdown
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6 Zhongyun Xu Nov 03, 2022