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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterHomo sapiens Remove filterSRA Run Selector Remove filterFeb 19, 2016
Long non-coding RNA landscape in human monocytes
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4 Srikanth Srinivas Manda Feb 19, 2016
PAPERCLIP Identifies MicroRNA Targets and a Role of CstF64/64tau in Promoting Non-canonical poly(A) Site Usage.
32 Hun-Way Hwang Feb 19, 2016
Improvements to the HITS-CLIP protocol eliminate widespread mispriming artifacts.
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6 Peter Kabos Feb 19, 2016
Genome-wide maps of chromatin state during cardiac reprogramming of human fibroblasts by small molecules
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14 Nan Cao Feb 19, 2016
Measure transcript integrity using RNA-seq data
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20 LIGUO WANG Feb 19, 2016