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Charting a dynamic DNA methylation landscape of the human genome
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8 Michael Johannes Ziller Aug 09, 2013
Comprehensive evaluation of differential gene expression analysis methods for RNA-seq data
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10 Doron Betel Aug 20, 2013
Patterns of genome-wide VDR locations
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2 Sami Heikkinen Nov 14, 2014
RNA-sequencing identifies dysregulation of the human pancreatic islet transcriptome by the saturated fatty acid palmitate
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10 Miriam Cnop Jan 09, 2014
RNA sequencing identifies specific PIWI-interacting small non-coding RNA expression patterns in breast cancer
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22 Judith Staerk Oct 15, 2014
Localization and Abundance Analysis of Human lncRNAs at Single Cell and Single Molecule Resolution
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7 Nataly Moran Cabili Jan 07, 2015
The effects of the global loss of DNA methylation on the functional cancer epigenome
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Fides D Lay Feb 06, 2015
mRNA destabilization is the dominant effect of mammalian microRNAs by the time substantial repression ensues (sequencing)
85 Stephen Eichhorn Sep 25, 2014
KLF1 null neonates display hydrops fetalis and a deranged erythroid transcriptome
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3 Graham William Magor Jan 01, 2015
Genetic Correction and Metabolic Rescue of Pluripotent Cells from Patients with mtDNA
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43 Robert E Morey Jul 16, 2015
Isolation and Transcriptome Analyses of Human Erythroid Progenitors: BFU-E and CFU-E
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9 John Hale Oct 30, 2014
Genetic Control of Chromatin States in Humans Involves Local and Distal Chromosomal Interactions
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249 Fabian Grubert Aug 20, 2015
UTX inhibition as selective epigenetic therapy against TAL1-driven T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
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2 Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Feb 01, 2016
Identification of active transcriptional regulatory elements with GRO-seq
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2 Charles G Danko Feb 19, 2015
RNA polymerase in pre-B-ALL cell lines
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21 Merja Heinäniemi Jul 05, 2016
Long non-coding RNA landscape in human monocytes
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4 Srikanth Srinivas Manda Feb 19, 2016
Mapping of variable DNA methylation across multiple cell types defines a dynamic regulatory landscape of the human genome
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31 Daofeng Li Apr 06, 2016
Generation of a Panel of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells From Chimpanzees: a Resource for Comparative Functional Genomics [ChIP-Seq]
9 Irene Gallego Romero Jun 17, 2015
Isolation and sequencing of AGO-bound RNAs reveals characteristics of stem-loop processing in vivo
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8 Ian M Silverman Jul 30, 2016
Validation of THS-seq method, and comparison of published ENCODE DNase-seq data, self-generated ATAC-seq data and published ATAC-seq data, and THS-seq data for quantitation of chromatin accessibility.
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11 Kun Zhang Jan 09, 2016