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A single cell atlas of human glioma under therapy
113 Aaron Diaz Jul 05, 2022
Single Cell Spatial Transcriptomics Redefines the Borderzone induced by Myocardial Infarction and Mechanical Injury
32 Kevin R King Oct 03, 2022
High resolution mapping of the tumor microenvironment using integrated single-cell, spatial and in situ analysis
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7 Stephen Richardson Williams Oct 09, 2023
CIRCLE-seq analyais for -175 site
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1 Jonanthan Yen Apr 28, 2023
Potent and uniform fetal hemoglobin induction via base editing
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39 Jonanthan Yen Apr 28, 2023
ADAR1-editing in HeLa, p150-KO and ADAR1-KO transcriptomes
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12 Roberto Cattaneo Dec 04, 2018
Determination of isoform-specific RNA structure with nanopore long reads
21 Aw Jong Ghut Ashley Sep 09, 2020
Prox-seq: Simultaneous quantification of proteins, protein complexes and mRNA in single-cells via proximity-sequencing
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18 Hoang Van Phan May 16, 2020
Single-cell RNA-seq analysis of IDH-wildtype glioblastoma in radiation time course
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8 Jeongwu Lee Jul 17, 2023
Modelling HNF1B-associated monogenic diabetes using human iPSCs reveals an early stage impairment of the pancreatic developmental program
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47 Santiago Andres Rodriguez Segui Jul 26, 2021
Loss-of-function genetic screening identifies ALDOA as an essential driver for hepatocellular carcinoma cell growth under hypoxia
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8 Yi Niu Jun 28, 2021
Modeling Hepatoblastoma: Identification of Distinct Tumor Cell Populations and Key Genetic Mechanisms through Single Cell Sequencing (scRNA-seq)
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7 Bruce J Aronow Jul 29, 2021
Single-Cell Transcriptomics of Human Substantia Nigra in Parkinson's Disease
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34 Bin Zhang Mar 28, 2022
Mesenchymal glioma stem cells trigger vasectasia, a distinct neovascularization process mediated by extracellular vesicles carrying EGFR [scRNA-seq]
45 Janusz Rak Mar 04, 2024
Choroid plexus mast cells drive tumor-associated hydrocephalus
15 Di Can Nov 22, 2023
scNanoHi-C: a single-cell long-read concatemer sequencing method to reveal high-order structures within individual cells
16 Jiansen Lu Jul 14, 2023
T-cell receptor repertoire in rectal cancer
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10 Osamu Gotoh Nov 22, 2022
Identification of a genomic DNA sequence that quantitatively modulates KLF1 transcription factor expression in differentiating human hematopoietic cells
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6 James J Bieker Aug 04, 2023
heart healthy and heart diseased SCGs
25 Karin A. Ziegler Jul 20, 2023
High resolution mapping of the tumor microenvironment using integrated single-cell, spatial and in situ analysis [scRNA-seq and Visium]
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4 Stephen Richardson Williams Oct 09, 2023