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BI Human Reference Epigenome Mapping Project
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633 BROAD INSTITUTE Aug 05, 2009
University of Washington Human Reference Epigenome Mapping Project
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758 Northwest REMC Jan 06, 2010
Comparative Epigenomic Analysis of Murine and Human Adipogenesis
111 Tarjei S Mikkelsen Sep 30, 2010
PHF8 targets histone methylation and RNA polymerase II to activate transcription
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16 Klaus Fortschegger Apr 27, 2010
Estrogen-mediated Epigenetic Repression of Large Chromosomal Regions through DNA Looping
12 Pei-Yin Hsu Apr 29, 2010
E2F4 and its cofactor transfection vs empty vector transfection
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12 Vishy Iyer Nov 01, 2010
Wide-ranging fucntions of E2F4 in transcriptional activation and repression revealed by genome-wide analysis
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12 Vishy Iyer Nov 01, 2010
Cell-Type-Specific TGF-beta Signaling is Targeted to Genes that Control Cell Identity
22 Richard A Young Aug 24, 2011
Chromatin Structure and Gene Expression Programs of Human Embryonic and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
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72 Garrett M Frampton Aug 09, 2010
Expression analysis of melanoma harvested after GFP or SETDB1 expression
19 Yariv Houvras Jan 07, 2011
SMAD1/5 binding regions and expression data of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) and pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells (PASMCs) treated with BMPs
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12 Daizo Koinuma Jul 16, 2011
The pioneer factor PBX1 guides a distinct ERa signaling in breast cancer
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10 luca magnani Sep 30, 2011
Role of BACH1 in HEK 293T cells
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27 Hans-Jörg Warnatz May 13, 2011
Breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-453 response to DHT
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14 Yiwen Chen Jul 11, 2011
Cell-type-specific target selection by combinatorial binding of Smad2/3 and hepatocyte nuclear factor 4-alpha in HepG2 cells
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11 Daizo Koinuma Jun 08, 2011
Core transcriptional regulatory circuit controlled by the TAL1 complex in human T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
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64 Richard A Young Aug 16, 2012
NSD2 links dimethylation of histone H3 at lysine 36 to oncogenic programming
25 kaifu chen Nov 29, 2011
The ets transcription factor ELF5 suppresses the estrogen sensitive phenotype and contributes to antiestrogen resistance in luminal breast cancer.
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18 Mark Cowley Dec 27, 2012
Dual Role of FoxA1 in Androgen Receptor Binding to Chromatin, Androgen Signaling and Prostate Cancer
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31 Olli A. Jänne Sep 14, 2011
A genome wide methylation map of neuroblastoma cell lines
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24 Maté Ongenaert Sep 13, 2012