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Pre-symptomatic diagnosis of Ebola virus infection
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Krupa Arun Navalkar Jun 14, 2016
Copy number profiling of 556 high-risk neuroblastoma patients using aCGH or SNP arrays
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Katleen De Preter Mar 13, 2018
The landscape of A-to-I RNA editome from 462 individuals human genomes
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Wenjie Shu Aug 31, 2017
17-beta estradiol protects esophageal epithelium from IL-13-induced barrier dysfunction and remodeling
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Jazib Uddin Aug 30, 2019
Gene expression predictors of breast cancer outcomes [KOO]
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David Venet Dec 14, 2018
Pharmacogenomic Predictor of Sensitivity to Preoperative Chemotherapy With Paclitaxel and Fluorouracil, Doxorubicin, and Cyclophosphamide in Breast Cancer [MDA4]
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David Venet Dec 14, 2018
Identification of a robust gene signature that predicts breast cancer outcome in independent data sets [UCSF]
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David Venet Dec 14, 2018
Batch-normalization of cerebellar and medulloblastoma gene expression datasets utilizing empirically defined negative control genes
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Holger Weishaupt Feb 06, 2019
Multi-influential interactions controls behaviour and cognition through a limited number of pathways in Down syndrome mouse models (RNA-Seq reanalysis I)
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maria del mar muñiz moreno Mar 17, 2021
Annotation- and Batch Effect Correction in TCGA IsomiR Expression Data [Third-party re-analysis]
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Susanne Ibing Feb 17, 2021
An unbiased machine learning exploration reveals gene sets predictive of allograft tolerance after kidney transplantation
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Qiang Fu Jun 04, 2021
Reduced A-to-I editing of endogenous Alu RNAs in severe COVID-19 disease
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Thomas M Aune Mar 05, 2021
Generation of Hematopoietic TF-rDNA Atlas in Human and Mouse
Vikram R Paralkar Jan 15, 2022
Reanalysis of transcriptomic profiling of isolated CTC from 31 patients
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Pradipta Ghosh Jun 20, 2023
Whole transcriptome analysis of sinonasal sarcoma with translocation t(2;4)(q37.1;q31.3)
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1 Yan W. Asmann Apr 17, 2014
Genome-wide maps of HES1 binding-site in human chondrogenic cell.
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1 Shurei Sugita Aug 02, 2014
Autoimmune peptide antigen reactivity in BXD2 mice with spontaneous systemic autoimmune disease
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Jennie Hamilton Feb 28, 2015
hnRNP Q1 targeting RNA in colorectal cancer cell line SW480
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1 Liang-Yi Hung Jun 10, 2017
Genome-wide maps of ISL1-binding site
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1 haibo Han Feb 01, 2019
Virus-like vesicles of Kaposi’s Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus activate lytic replication through triggering differentiation signaling (microRNA)
1 Danyang Gong May 03, 2017