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Effect of hypoxia on canine glioma stem-like cells metabolism
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18 Ryan Toedebusch Mar 01, 2024
Unraveling the Complex Relationship Between mRNA and Protein Abundance: A Machine Learning-Based Approach for Imputing Protein Levels from RNA-seq Data
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77 Peng Jiang Feb 26, 2024
VIGOR canine osteosarcoma tumor, cell line and skin samples
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69 Aaron Sarver Oct 01, 2023
Domestic dog lineages reveal genetic drivers of behavioral diversification
956 Alexander Christian Harris Dec 07, 2022
Global gene expression of canine bladder K9TCC cells and cancer stem cells after COX-2 inhibition
24 Emma A Hurst Jul 20, 2022
Comparative analysis of genome-scale, base-resolution DNA methylation profiles across 580 animal species
3023 Christoph Bock Jun 18, 2022
Biomarkers for canine Leptospira vaccine potency
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39 Jeroen Pennings Mar 06, 2022
Gene expression response of wolf epidermal keratinocytes to PolyI:C and canine distemper virus
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68 Rachel A Johnston May 06, 2021
DNA methylome of Canis lupus basenji
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1 Ksenia Skvortsova Feb 22, 2021
Dog_CGH_Array on 54 breed and village dogs and one wolf
55 Jeffrey Kidd Jul 02, 2020
SNP genotyping of Highland Wild dogs, New Guinea Singing Dogs, and a dingo.
14 Heidi G Parker Mar 31, 2020
Gene expression profiling of B cell lymphoma in dogs reveals dichotomous metabolic signatures distinguished by oxidative phosphorylation
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11 Ying Wu Mar 09, 2020
Phenotypic characterisation of regulatory T cells in dogs reveals signature transcripts conserved in humans and mice
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10 Ying Wu Sep 21, 2019
Transcriptome profiling of madin-darby canine kidney cells with canine parvovirus 2a persistent infection
2 Y Gao Dec 01, 2016
Whole genome sequence, SNP chips and pedigree structure
795 Dayna Dreger Nov 24, 2016
Pervasive effects of aging on gene expression in wild wolves
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27 Rachel A Johnston Jul 27, 2016
Diverse dog breeds genotyped on Affymetrix Canine v2 Arrays
1239 Hyun Ji Noh Nov 20, 2014
Analysis of structural diversity in wolf-like canids reveals post-domestication variants
25 Oscar Ramirez Jun 05, 2014
Prospective molecular profiling of canine cancers provides a clinically relevant comparative model for evaluating precision medicine (PMed) trials
23 David Cherba Apr 28, 2014
Expression data from uninephrectomized dogs compared to sham operated dogs
20 Asha Nair Jun 13, 2013