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Pig peri-implantation embryo development transcriptional profiling
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16 Profile icon Christopher K Tuggle May 13, 2004
In Vitro Transcriptome Analysis of Porcine Plexus Epithelial Cells in Response to Streptococcus suis: Functions of the Choroid Plexus in Antimicrobial Defense
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6 Profile icon Ludger Klein-Hitpass Aug 15, 2011
Peripheral blood transcriptome responses to Salmonella Typhimurium in pigs differing in Salmonella shedding phenotypes
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20 Profile icon Chris Tuggle May 28, 2011
Cystic Fibrosis Pigs Develop Lung Disease and Exhibit Defective Bacterial Eradication at Birth
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40 Profile icon Shyam Ramachandran Sep 17, 2010
Reduced Airway Surface pH Impairs Bacterial Killing in the Porcine Cystic Fibrosis Lung
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11 Profile icon Shyam Ramachandran Mar 30, 2012
Expression data of Sham and post-MI myocardium from swine
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16 Profile icon Diederik Kuster Dec 21, 2011
Porcine gene response following incision with energized devices
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12 Profile icon Bindu Nanduri Dec 15, 2013
Neonatal antibotic prophylaxis modulates intestinal immunity and prevents necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm neonates
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16 Profile icon Denise Kelly Aug 21, 2013
Expression data from Sus scrofa atria
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6 Profile icon Tzu-Hao Chang Feb 01, 2015
Porcine brain library whole brain vs whole brain
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2 Steven Paul Suchyta Jun 13, 2003
Porcine liver
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6 Yewon Cheon Nov 15, 2003
Molecular mechanisms in Day 11 and Day 12 pre-implantation porcine embryos
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2 Jane Garlow McDougal Jul 01, 2004
Comparison of aortic and aortic valve endothelial cells in static and shear environments
24 Jonathan T Butcher Jul 30, 2005
jejunal Peyer’s patch (JPP) gene expression relative to jejunal mesenteric lymph node (j-MLN) gene expression.
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6 Kendra A. Hyland Nov 05, 2004
Immune-stimulated Peyer's patch
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9 Cheryl M.T. Dvorak Nov 16, 2004
Gene expression in normal tissues to validate the first generation porcine oligonucleotide microarray
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24 Christopher K Tuggle Mar 05, 2005
Detection of gene expression changes in S. Choleraesuis infected porcine lung using an oligonucleotide microarray
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9 Christopher K Tuggle Mar 05, 2005
How different diets alter skeletal muscle in pig
8 Alberto Pallavicini Aug 31, 2005
Gene expression profiling in skeletal muscle after the intramuscular administration of a pharmaceutical vehicle
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90 Laurence Liaubet Mar 27, 2007
D11.5 Tubular Porcine Conceptus
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1 Le Ann Blomberg Dec 31, 2005