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Genome-wide analysis of histone modification, protein-DNA binding, cytosine methylation and transcriptome data in mouse and human ES cells and pig iPS cells
47 Pengfei Yu Feb 28, 2012
Gene Expression Defines Natural Changes in Mammalian Lifespan
141 Alexey Fushan Feb 17, 2015
Deep Sequencing of the Porcine Endometrial Transcriptome on Day 14 of Pregnancy
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8 Stefan Michael Bauersachs Mar 07, 2013
Deep sequencing of the porcine endometrial transcriptome on day 12 of pregnancy
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8 Stefan Michael Bauersachs Oct 31, 2013
Gene expression profiling of porcine skeletal muscle satellite cells after challenge with poly I:C
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21 Thuy Nhien Tran Thi Mar 31, 2018
Identification of candidate genes and regulatory factors underlying intramuscular fat content through longissimus dorsi transcriptome analyses in heavy Iberian pigs
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12 María Muñoz Muñoz Jul 12, 2018
Transcriptome analysis of a PRRSV-infected and control PAMs
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6 Junjing Wu Jun 20, 2019
Long Non-Coding RNA and mRNA profiling using High-throughput RNA sequencing in pseudorabies virus type II infected cells
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9 Kailun Zhang Jul 11, 2022
Expression profiles of long noncoding RNAs and mRNAs in ST cells infected by PDCoV
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6 junli liu Aug 28, 2022
Expression profiles of circularRNAs and microRNAs in PK-15 cells infected by PrV-II
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18 Haimin Li Mar 24, 2021
Transcriptome profiling of porcine jejunum tissue, its derived organoids over long-term culture, and transformed cell line IPECJ2 as reference model
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17 Bart van der Hee Mar 13, 2020
Differences in loin tenderness of Iberian pigs explained through dissimilarities in their transcriptome expression profile
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12 María Muñoz Muñoz Oct 26, 2020
Long-read RNA sequencing of cattle, pig, and chicken tissues
190 Michelle M Halstead Jan 01, 2021
A Pig BodyMap Transcriptome Reveals Diverse Tissue Physiologies and Evolutionary Dynamics of Transcription [RNA-Seq pig]
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194 jin long Apr 20, 2021
Consequences of a low protein diet in the liver and longissimus dorsi transcriptome of Duroc x Iberian crossbred pigs
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40 María Muñoz Muñoz Jul 01, 2021
Single-cell RNA sequencing of airway submucosal glands in wild-type and cystic fibrosis Pigs
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8 Michael J. Welsh Nov 16, 2021
Longitudinal RNA-seq of Gene-edited Porcine Kidneys in Cynomolgus Macaques
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29 Robert Policastro Apr 21, 2023
Clinical and molecular correlation defines activity of physiological pathways in life-sustaining kidney xenotransplantation [RNA-Seq]
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9 Robert Policastro Apr 25, 2023
Long- and short-read RNA sequencing from five reproductive organs of boar.
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70 Huo Jinlong Aug 24, 2023