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Small regulatory RNA in the bovine genome
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Evgeny Glazov Jul 29, 2009
An Atlas of Bovine Gene Expression Reveals Novel Distinctive Tissue Characteristics and Evidence for Improving Genome Annotation
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Gregory Paul Harhay Sep 29, 2010
Comparison of the bovine embryonic transcriptomes using RNA-Seq
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2 Wen Huang Dec 23, 2010
Non-coding small RNA profiling by high throughput sequencing of bovine primary retinal microvascular endothelial cells
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1 David Arthur Simpson Feb 13, 2012
RNA-seq profiling of theca and granulosa tissue of dominant follicle at 3 stages of follicular development in cows and heifers.
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65 Paul McGettigan Jun 15, 2012
Transcriptomic analysis of the stress response to weaning at housing in bovine leukocytes using RNA-seq technology
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48 David J Lynn Jun 25, 2012
RNA-seq analysis of differential gene expression in liver from lactating dairy cows divergent in negative energy balance
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11 Chris Creevey Apr 25, 2012
RNA-seq profiling of the bovine cervix at 6 timepoints during the peri-oestrus period.
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30 Paul McGettigan Jan 04, 2013
ChIP-seq of bovine cells (MDBK) to study butyrate-induced histone modification
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10 Congjun Li Jan 24, 2014
Expression profiles of microRNAs from lactating and non-lactating bovine mammary glands and identification of miRNA related to lactation.
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2 Zhen Li Nov 26, 2012
Comparative transcriptome analysis of various adipose depots in Hanwoo
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35 HYEONGMIN KIM Jul 25, 2013
Global endometrial transcriptomic profiling: transient immune activation precedes tissue proliferation and repair in healthy beef cows
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6 Cathriona Foley Aug 25, 2012
Profiling microRNA expression in bovine alveolar macrophages using RNA-seq
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8 Peter Vegh Sep 09, 2013
A next generation sequencing approach to profiling the host miRNA response to a bovine mastitis pathogen
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24 Nathan Lawless Oct 02, 2013
Evolutionary dynamics of gene and isoform regulation in mammalian tissues
134 Jason Merkin Dec 21, 2012
Identifying host pathogenic pathways in bovine digital dermatitis by RNA-Seq analysis of lesions
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10 rachel anne scholey Mar 26, 2013
Targeting the treponemal microbiome of digital dermatitis infections by deep coverage pyrosequencing
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36 Kirstine Klitgaard Jun 25, 2013
Knockdown of CDKN1C (p57kip2) and PHLDA2 results in developmental changes in bovine pre-implantation embryos
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2 Francisco Peñagaricano Dec 15, 2012
Gene Expression Defines Natural Changes in Mammalian Lifespan
141 Alexey Fushan Feb 17, 2015
RNA-seq analysis of single bovine blastocysts
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5 James Lee Chitwood Feb 03, 2013