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Human LSD2/KDM1b/AOF1 regulates gene transcription by modulating H3K4me2 methylation
5 Yujiang Shi Nov 01, 2010
Chromatin-dependent binding of the S. cerevisiae HMGB protein Nhp6A affects nucleosome dynamics and transcription
15 Noah L. Dowell Sep 15, 2010
Epigenetic antagonism between Snf5 and Ezh2 during oncogenic transformation and elevated levels of H3K27me3 in Snf5-deficient cells
28 Boris G. Wilson Oct 19, 2010
Brassinosteroid (BR) plant hormone signaling
10 Yu Sun Dec 31, 2010
Growth Factor Stimulation Induces a Distinct ERα Cistrome Underlying Breast Cancer Endocrine Resistance
47 Mathieu Lupien Dec 29, 2010
Global analysis reveals HDAC1 occupies active and inactive genes and core transcription factors in embryonic stem cells and trophoblast stem cells
18 Benjamin L Kidder Dec 16, 2011
LEAFY target genes reveal a link between flower development and biotic stimulus response
12 Cara Michele Winter May 11, 2011
RNAs binding to the nucleoid protein HU in Escherichia coli
  • Expression profiling by array
3 Andrei Nikolai Trostel Dec 07, 2012
Cell-type-specific target selection by combinatorial binding of Smad2/3 and hepatocyte nuclear factor 4-alpha in HepG2 cells
11 Daizo Koinuma Jun 08, 2011
Cell-type independent MYC target genes reveal a primordial signature involved in biomass accumulation
15 Hongkai Ji Sep 19, 2011
Yeast under physiological changes of stress adaptation and stress recovery
30 Anthony Wright Jul 22, 2013
Reshaping of global gene expression networks and sex-biased gene expression by integration of a nascent gene
32 Sidi Chen May 01, 2012
Identification of a FOXO3/IRF7 circuit that limits inflammatory sequelae of antiviral responses
15 Ayush Raman Sep 19, 2012
Role of FOXP3 in human Jurkat T cells
8 Andreas Jeron Nov 26, 2012
Age and Fasting in C. elegans
12 Eisuke Nishida Dec 08, 2017
Distinct transcriptional programs controlled by ERG and ETV1 in prostate cells
43 Esther Baena Mar 01, 2013
The activity-dependent histone variant H2BE modulates the life span of olfactory neurons
35 Stephen W. Santoro Sep 01, 2012
GTL1 regulates ploidy-dependent cell growth through direct transcriptional repression of APC/CCS52A1 in Arabidopsis
7 Kengo Morohashi Aug 01, 2013
IL-2 induced gene expression changes in Kit225 human leukemia cell lines
  • Expression profiling by array
5 Zsuzsanna S. Nagy Mar 21, 2013
Genome-wide mapping of IL-2 regulated target genes and IL-2 activated STAT5 binding sites in Kit225 human leukemia cells.
5 Zsuzsanna S. Nagy Mar 21, 2013