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Divergent gene-expression profiles between proepicardium and epicardium differentiation
  • Expression profiling by array
64 Henk Buermans Dec 21, 2010
Differential gene expression between left and right chicken HH14 sinus horns
  • Expression profiling by array
12 Henk Buermans May 01, 2013
Specific Lineage differentiation of proepicardial explant cultures
  • Expression profiling by array
48 Henk Buermans Jan 01, 2014
Gene expression profiles during the development of compensated or decompensated hypertrophy during pressure overload
  • Expression profiling by array
27 Profile icon Henk Buermans Feb 01, 2006
Expression profiling of the forming atrioventricular node using a novel Tbx3-based node-specific transgenic reporter
  • Expression profiling by array
24 Henk Buermans Jun 02, 2009
Compensated and decompensated hypertrophy after monocrotaline injection
  • Expression profiling by array
24 Profile icon Henk Buermans Aug 18, 2004
Tbx2 and Tbx3 impose nodal phenotype and induce cushion formation in the atrioventricular canal
  • Expression profiling by array
12 Henk Buermans Aug 01, 2014