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Genome-wide mapping of HATs and HDACs in human CD4+ T cells
41 Chongzhi Zang Aug 20, 2009
Bhlhe40 mediates tissue-specific control of macrophage proliferation in homeostasis and type 2 immunity
20 Brian T Edelson Apr 30, 2019
ChIP-chip from HCT116 cells treated with MMS and LNCaP cells with ATF3
10 Yujiro Tanaka Oct 01, 2010
Cdx2 transcription factor binding in intestinal villus and gene expression profiling in Cdx mutant mice
13 Michael P Verzi Apr 13, 2011
Gene regulatory networks mediating canonical Wnt signal directed control of pluripotency and differentiation in embryo stem cells
26 Xiaoxiao Zhang Mar 01, 2013
Regulatory RNA Apela Is a Component of a Negative Feedback Loop Regulating p53-Mediated Apoptosis in Embryonic Stem Cells
31 Jing Huang Jun 05, 2015
GATA3 restrains Notch signaling activity and represses NK cell development to induce human T cell commitment following Notch-induced T-lineage specification
15 Inge Van de Walle Apr 06, 2016
RNAPol2 accounts for tumor cells liability to JQ1
28 stefano campaner Aug 25, 2016
BI Human Reference Epigenome Mapping Project
633 BROAD INSTITUTE Aug 05, 2009
University of Washington Human Reference Epigenome Mapping Project
758 Northwest REMC Jan 06, 2010
PHF8 targets histone methylation and RNA polymerase II to activate transcription
16 Klaus Fortschegger Apr 27, 2010
Mammalian Dpy-30 regulates genomic H3K4 methylation and is essential for ES cell fate specification
10 Hao Jiang Feb 01, 2011
Global analysis of in vivo Pax8-binding sites in rat thyroid cells using high-throughput technologies: Chip-Seq and whole genome expression arrays
18 Pilar Santisteban Jun 28, 2012
Rice endosperm: mRNA profiling and H3K27me3 occupancy
8 Feng Tan Dec 06, 2011
SMAD1/5 binding regions and expression data of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) and pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells (PASMCs) treated with BMPs
12 Daizo Koinuma Jul 16, 2011
The pioneer factor PBX1 guides a distinct ERa signaling in breast cancer
10 luca magnani Sep 30, 2011
Role of BACH1 in HEK 293T cells
27 Hans-Jörg Warnatz May 13, 2011
Inactivation of BCL11A reactivates silenced human HbF in adult mice
9 Jian Xu Dec 19, 2012
Breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-453 response to DHT
14 Yiwen Chen Jul 11, 2011
Cell-type-specific target selection by combinatorial binding of Smad2/3 and hepatocyte nuclear factor 4-alpha in HepG2 cells
11 Daizo Koinuma Jun 08, 2011