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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterExpression profiling by array Remove filterCEL Remove filterApr 03, 2012
Expression profiling of soybean genes in response to drought (vegetative stage)
  • Expression profiling by array
6 Dung Tien Le Apr 03, 2012
Persistence of BW25113 mqsR producing MqsR 2-1 vs. producing wild-type MqsR with ampicillin
  • Expression profiling by array
2 Thomas K. Wood Apr 03, 2012
BW25113 H202 and delta rpoS persister cells vs. stationary phase BW25113 wild-type
  • Expression profiling by array
3 Thomas K. Wood Apr 03, 2012
PFT1, the MED25 subunit of the plant Mediator complex, promotes flowering through CONSTANS dependent and independent mechanisms in Arabidopsis
  • Expression profiling by array
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Sabrina Iñigo Apr 03, 2012