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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterExpression profiling by array Remove filterCHP Remove filterJan 01, 2010
Dynamic O-GlcNAc cycling at promoters of C. elegans genes regulating Longevity, Stress, and Immunity
72 Michael Krause Jan 01, 2010
Host RAW264.7 macrophage transcript profile following Brucella melitensis, B. neotomae, and B. ovis infections
  • Expression profiling by array
11 Gary Splitter Jan 01, 2010
Gene exprssion profile classification predicts clinical outcome in juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia
  • Expression profiling by array
40 Andrea Zangrando Jan 01, 2010
Patients affected with autosomal dominant monocytopenia with increased susceptibility to mycobacterial infection
  • Expression profiling by array
20 Profile icon Addie Whitney Jan 01, 2010
Expression from C. elegans L1 animals
  • Expression profiling by array
9 Michael Krause Jan 01, 2010
Expression from C. elegans L4 animals
  • Expression profiling by array
9 Michael Krause Jan 01, 2010
Arabidopsis transcriptome changes caused by ectopic production of a turtle riboflavin-binding protein
  • Expression profiling by array
4 Hansong Dong Jan 01, 2010
Characterization of Populus Class III HDZIPs
  • Expression profiling by array
12 Andrew Groover Jan 01, 2010