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Molecular and functional heterogeneity of IL-10-producing CD4+ T cells
  • Expression profiling by array
776 Babett Steglich Nov 07, 2018
High-throughput tissue dissection and cell purification with digital cytometry
315 Aaron M Newman May 06, 2019
Acute myeloid leukemia cells resist chemotherapy through a transient senescence-like state
36 Matt Teater Mar 14, 2021
Dietary palmitic acid promotes a prometastatic epigenetic memory related to tumor innervation
1134 Antoni Berenguer-LLergo Nov 16, 2021
Molecular Profiling of COVID-19 Autopsies Uncovers Novel Disease Mechanisms
148 Robert Sebra Aug 20, 2021
Activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule on human oligodendrocytes mediates Th17 cell adhesion
  • Expression profiling by array
6 Haritha Desu Aug 31, 2023
Ferritinophagy is a Druggable Vulnerability of Quiescent Leukemic Stem Cells
34 Jerome Tamburini Jun 16, 2024
Analysis of gene expression in populations of adult undifferentiated spermatogonia
16 Robin Mark Hobbs Jul 26, 2018
Pluripotent stem cell-derived myogenic progenitors remodel their molecular signature upon in vivo engraftment
27 Tania Incitti Feb 13, 2019
Molecular analysis of the subaortic hematopoietic stem cell niche
24 Charles Durand Mar 11, 2024
Dual checkpoint blockade of CD47 and PD-L1 using a novel affinity-tuned bispecific antibody maximizes anti-tumor immunity
33 Wenjing Yanf Oct 15, 2021
Single-cell sequencing reveals PDFGRα+ stromal cell subpopulations that promote proacinar differentiation in embryonic salivary gland organoids
15 Nicholas Moskwa Mar 01, 2022
Single cell RNA-seq of liver cells from B6J mice fed a chow or a high-fat-and-high-sucrose diet
  • Expression profiling by array
4 Simeng Wang Sep 01, 2021
Mechanical Tension Mobilizes Lgr6+ Epidermal Stem Cells to Drive Skin Growth
14 Yingchao Xue Dec 30, 2021
Phosphorylated nuclear DICER1 promotes open chromatin state and gastric cell fate in lung adenocarcinomas
18 Raisa Reyes-Castro Aug 08, 2023
Oncogenic Calreticulin Induces Immune Escape by Stimulating TGF-β Expression and Regulatory T Cell Expansion in the Bone Marrow Microenvironment
12 Geoffroy Andrieux May 28, 2024
HDAC inhibitors directly modulate T cell gene expression and signaling and promote development of effector-exhausted T cells in murine tumors
32 Amer Beg Dec 07, 2023
Platform effects on regeneration by pulmonary basal cells as evaluated by single-cell RNA sequencing
14 Allison M Greaney Feb 20, 2020