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Lkb1 interacts with a ciliopathy complex to regulate inflammation
14 Hauke Busch Jun 10, 2018
Protein Fe-S centers as a molecular target of toxicity of a complex transition metal oxide nanomaterial with downstream impacts on metabolism and growth
  • Expression profiling by array
20 Rebecca D Klaper Nov 08, 2020
Gene expression profiling of zebrafish embryos at 5 days post fertilization
7 Herman Pieter Spaink Aug 01, 2013
Autophagy regulator DRAM1 functions downstream of MYD88 in defense against tuberculosis
16 Annemarie H. Meijer Jun 01, 2014
Gene expression changes during primate postnatal brain development
  • Expression profiling by array
80 Mehmet Somel Mar 10, 2009
Expression profiles and ChIP on chip genomewide experiments with dl1500 virus (expressing WT small e1a).
19 Siavash K Kurdistani Aug 26, 2008
Expression profiles and ChIP on chip genomewide experiments with R2G mutant virus
6 Siavash K Kurdistani Aug 26, 2008
Expression profiles and ChIP on chip genomewide experiments with deltaCR2 mutant virus
5 Siavash K Kurdistani Aug 26, 2008
Profiles and ChIP on chip experiments with dl1500 virus (expressing WT small e1a), R2G and deltaCR2 mutant viruses
30 Siavash K Kurdistani Aug 26, 2008
Gene expression data from primate postnatal brain development - superior frontal gyrus
  • Expression profiling by array
27 Mehmet Somel Mar 10, 2009
Multiple platform assessment of the EGF dependent transcriptome by microarray and deep tag sequencing analysis
60 Lauro Sumoy Jul 18, 2011
Gene expression in primate postnatal brain through lifespan - prefrontal cortex
  • Expression profiling by array
68 Mehmet Somel Dec 09, 2011
Genome-wide binding map of the HIV Tat protein to the human genome
5 Siavash K Kurdistani Nov 06, 2011
Gene expression profiling in primary breast cancer distinguishes patients developing local recurrence after breast-conservation surgery, with or without postoperative radiotherapy.
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Morten Krogh Sep 03, 2011
An alternative pluripotent state confers interspecies chimaeric competency
42 Christopher Benner May 06, 2015
NALP3 inflammasome up-regulation and CASP1 cleavage of the glucocorticoid receptor causes glucocorticoid resistance in leukemia cells
1144 Steven William Paugh Mar 24, 2015
Effect of human genetic variability on gene transcription in dorsal root ganglia and association with pain phenotypes [exon-level]
  • Expression profiling by array
214 Marc Parisien May 10, 2017
Identification of genes that play a role in menstrual breakdown and repair
  • Expression profiling by array
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Moshe Olshansky Aug 25, 2016
The Proteogenomic Landscape of Curable Prostate Cancer [microarray]
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213 Yu-Jia Shiah Jun 30, 2019
Protein Syndesmos is a novel RNA binding protein that regulates primary cilia formation
30 Danilo Swann Matassa Sep 26, 2018