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miRNAs in ovarian cancer: A systems approach
14 Shubin Shahab Jul 29, 2011
Expression data from H2K mouse myogenic precursor cells
8 Jim Holaska Apr 20, 2012
Effects of Ars2 or DGCR8 siRNA on gene and microRNA expression
18 Scott H Olejniczak Feb 01, 2012
Differential expression caused by Dicer knockout in small intestine
18 Tai-Chung Huang Jan 07, 2012
Expression profiling in bone-marrow-derived neutrophils of lcn2 deficient mouse
14 Zhuoming Liu Jan 31, 2013
Molecular Characterization of Heat Intolerance in Mice: microRNA (Affymetrix) and mRNA (Illumina) platforms
24 Svetlana Ghimbovschi Sep 01, 2013
Multi-Omic Integrated networks connect DNA methylation and miRNA with skeletal muscle plasticity to chronic exercise in type 2 diabetic obesity
102 David Rowlands Sep 10, 2014
Prediction of biomarkers for coping styles according to the Mainz Coping Inventory
  • Expression profiling by array
12 Georg Mair Jul 01, 2017
miRNAs in Treg-derived Exosomes
24 Mark Stephen Wilson Aug 27, 2014
Profiling gene and microRNA expression in hypoxic MDA-MB-231 cells
4 Donald G. Phinney Dec 23, 2014
Small ncRNA expression-profiling of blood from Hemophilia A patients identifies miR-1246 as a potential regulator of Factor 8 gene
  • Expression profiling by array
14 Tewarit Sarachana Feb 04, 2015
Identifying Non-Invasive Molecular Correlates relevant to Irradiation-Skin Burn Combined Injuries
  • Expression profiling by array
22 Svetlana Ghimbovschi May 15, 2015
Neuropathic Gaucher mouse brain
83 Nupur dasgupta Oct 01, 2015
mRNA and miRNA expression data from human Ewing's sarcoma (ES)
12 Masanori Kawano Jul 14, 2015
The IL4-STAT6 signaling axis establishes a conserved microRNA signature in human and mouse macrophages regulating cell survival via miR-342-3p
21 Szilard Poliska Apr 29, 2016
Microarray and miRNA expression data from five Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility type/Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (EDS-HT/JHS) patients' skin fibroblasts
22 Nicola Chiarelli Aug 05, 2016
The RGD sequence in fibrillin-1 regulates mRNA and miRNA expression
16 Dieter P. Reinhardt Dec 08, 2018
miRNA Expression data from murine hearts of transgenic Clock delta 19/delta 19 mice (Clock mice) and wild type (WT) mice at 4 and 21 months of age
  • Expression profiling by array
12 Faisal James Alibhai Jan 01, 2017
A microRNA signature identifies four subtypes of triple-negative breast cancer and correlates miR-342-3p as a regulator of the lactate metabolic pathway through silencing the monocarboxylate transporter 1
329 Sandra Lorena Romero-Cordoba Aug 17, 2018
miRNA and gene expression data from meningioma samples and healthy meningial cell line
30 Sukru Gulluoglu Feb 01, 2017