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Dgcr8 function in the anterior second heart field
30 Silvia Elisa Racedo Oct 01, 2023
RAS-stilumated release of exosomal miR-494-3p promotes osteolytic bone metastasis of breast cancer cells
  • Expression profiling by array
2 okhwa kim Jul 12, 2023
RNA-binding proteins that lack canonical RNA-binding domains are rarely sequence-specific
  • Expression profiling by array
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667 Timothy Hughes Mar 31, 2023
Expression data from PBMCs in patients with CHB or SC HBV
12 Chengxia Xie Feb 03, 2023
Loss of DKC1 facilitates the acquisition of metastatic traits by altering cholesterol metabolism via the mevalonate pathway
28 Júlia Perera-Bel Jan 17, 2023
Integrated Expression Profiling of MicroRNAs and Messenger RNAs in the Developing Neural Tube
24 Partha Mukhopadhyay Nov 13, 2022
Expression data from MCF10A cells treated with TGFβ for multiple time points
28 Andrew Emili Nov 11, 2022
Change in whole-blood microRNA profile during the worsening and recovery process of cerebral infarction, a human study
  • Expression profiling by array
52 Tomiko Asakura Oct 10, 2022
Time-regulated transcripts with the potential to modulate human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte differentiation
28 Jose Eduardo Krieger Sep 15, 2022
MicroRNA (miRNA) expression from blood plasma of patients with a prostate cancer
  • Expression profiling by array
152 Anton Zhiyanov Jun 24, 2022
Fibrillin-1 regulated miR-122 has a critical role in thoracic aortic aneurysm formation
24 Rongmo Zhang May 20, 2022
Expression profiles at the level of miRNAs in 3D cultures.
  • Expression profiling by array
6 Yarely M. Salinas-Vera May 16, 2022
Expression data from mice
40 李 玉琳 Apr 07, 2022
Sulfiredoxin promotes cancer cell invasion through regulation of the miR143-Fascin axis
8 Qiou Wei Apr 03, 2022
Melan-a cells expressing reduced level of Dicer and control Melan-a cells
24 Juliette BERTRAND Mar 22, 2022
Expression data from CF proband and parent PBMCs; expression data from THP-1 monocytes/macrophages incubated with CF proband and parent plasma
35 Hara Levy Dec 24, 2021
Gene-expression profiles of whole blood cells from a Han Chinese population with or without Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus or/and its complications in nephropathy and retinopathy
130 Fuu-Jen Tsai Nov 17, 2021
miRNA and mRNA expression in placental tissue from high altitude pregnant women
40 Tanna Wuren Sep 29, 2021
Adipocytes induce melanoma plasticity by sensitizing cells to TGFb
6 Carmit Levy Sep 01, 2021
Changes in adipose tissue microRNA expression across the menstrual cycle in regularly menstruating women: a pilot study.
  • Expression profiling by array
29 Colin N Moran Jul 23, 2021