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Remove filtersFilter Remove filterExpression profiling by array Remove filterDrosophila pseudoobscura
Aberrant gene expression in Drosophila hybrids supporting faster-male evolution
  • Expression profiling by array
24 Carlos Alberto Machado Feb 02, 2013
Evolution of sex-dependent gene expression in three recently diverged species of Drosophila
  • Expression profiling by array
18 Carlos Alberto Machado Jan 12, 2010
Gene expression divergence in experimentally evolved Drosophila pseudoobscura females
  • Expression profiling by array
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36 Göran Arnqvist Jan 01, 2015
Sex-biased expression in heads of three Drosophila species
  • Expression profiling by array
24 Brian Oliver Jul 30, 2010
miR-206 integrates multiple components of differentiation pathways to control the transition from growth to differentiation in rhabdomyosarcoma cells
16 Janet M. Young Apr 02, 2012