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T-bet recruits P-TEFb to super-enhancers to regulate T helper cell differentiation
143 Richard Jenner Jun 08, 2016
Relationship between DNMT1-RNA interactions, DNA methylation and gene expression
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8 Touati Benoukraf Dec 01, 2012
Oncogenic BRAFV600E remodels the melanocyte transcriptome and induces BANCR to regulate melanoma cell migration
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7 Douglas Porter Apr 28, 2012
Orchestrated intron retention regulates normal granulocyte differentiation
11 william ritchie Jun 27, 2013
Transcriptome-wide gene expression analysis of prostate cancer (PCa) tissue specimen on a custom expression microarray
  • Expression profiling by array
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164 Kristin Reiche Jul 21, 2020