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Next Generation Sequencing Analysis of Wild Type and 53BP1-/- Transcriptomes in B lymphocytes
4 Thiago Y Oliveira Feb 12, 2013
Genome-scale analysis in blood progenitor and mast cells reveals how lineage-affiliated transcription factors control distinct regulatory programs [ChIP-Seq/RNA-Seq Experiments]
20 Felicia Ng Apr 24, 2014
Genome-scale analysis in blood progenitor and mast cells reveals how lineage-affiliated transcription factors control distinct regulatory programs
29 Felicia Ng Apr 24, 2014
Epigenetic regulation by chromatin activation mark H3K4me3 in primate progenitor cells within adult neurogenic niche
3 Chin-Hsing Annie Lin Jul 16, 2014
Genome wide binding and transcriptome analysis of human FXR in primary human hepatocytes [HTS]
6 Le Zhan Jul 24, 2014
A high-resolution view of transcription and chromatin states across distinct metabolic states in budding yeast
202 Zheng Kuang Aug 31, 2014
Insights into the epigenomic landscape of the human malaria vector Anopheles gambiae
5 Elena Gómez-Díaz Sep 04, 2014
Dissecting neural differentiation regulatory networks through epigenetic footprinting
99 Michael Johannes Ziller Nov 02, 2014
Allelic expression mapping across cell lineages reveal repressor disruption among disease SNPs
41 Tony Kwan Nov 03, 2014
Localization of the Rb tumor suppressor in MEFs during reprogramming to iPS and the consequence of Rb loss on the transcriptional profile and histone landscape in these cells
18 Julien Sage Nov 13, 2014
The inactive X chromosome is epigenetically unstable and transcriptionally labile in breast cancer
39 Ronan Chaligné Jan 19, 2015
Analysis of allele specific expression and its chromatin state to identify genes that are escaping X chromosome inactivation
29 Ronan Chaligné Jan 22, 2015
Epigenetic targeting of activation-induced cytidine deaminase
8 Thiago Y Oliveira Jan 30, 2015
The contribution of cohesin-SA1 to chromatin architecture and gene expression in two murine tissues
51 Ana Losada Apr 07, 2015
Regulation of histone methylation and gene expression reprogramming in rice inflorescence meristem
14 shaoli zhou May 14, 2015
Somatic cell fusions reveal extensive heterogeneity in basal-like breast cancer
106 Kornelia Polyak Jun 09, 2015
Engineering of a histone-recognition domain in Dnmt3a alters the epigenetic landscape of ESCs revealing changes in lineage specification and chromosomal stability
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Hyunjae R Kim Jun 22, 2015
SOX15 governs a transcriptional program in human esophageal stratified epithelium and in a subset of esophageal adenocarcinomas
6 Ramesh Shivdasani Nov 09, 2015
Effects of dynamic cytosine methylation on alternative pre-mRNA splicing in T lymphocytes
14 David Sturgill Jan 04, 2016
A Surveillance System of Active Enhancers by a RACK7-histone Demethylase Complex
45 Yang Shi Apr 07, 2016