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Global transcriptome and chromatin occupancy analysis reveal the short isoform of GATA1 is deficient for erythroid specification and gene expression
12 Timothy Michael Chlon Feb 04, 2015
Enhancer Remodeling During Adaptive Bypass to MEK Inhibition Is Attenuated by Pharmacological Targeting of the P-TEFb Complex
167 Gary L Johnson Jan 20, 2017
nactivation of KLF4 in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia promotes the expansion of leukemia cells by activating the Map2k7/Jnk pathway.
8 Toni-Ann Mistretta Jan 03, 2017
Structure of DNA methyltransferases DNMT3A/DNMT3B bound to a nucleosome
36 Peter A Jones Jun 17, 2020
A DNA Hypomethylation Signature Predicts Novel Anti-Tumor Activity of LSD1 Inhibitors in SCLC
136 David Soong Jul 14, 2015
Histone H2A T120 phophorylation promotes oncogenic transformation via upregulation of cyclin D1y
20 TAKEYA NAKAGAWA Oct 07, 2016
Epigenomic Profiling of Primary Gastric Adenocarcinoma Reveals Super-enhancer Heterogeneity
259 Aditi Qamra Sep 28, 2016
Reprogramming Mouse Fibroblasts into Engraftable Myeloerythroid and Lymphoid Progenitors: Induction and Underlying Mechanisms
42 Chadi El Farran Sep 30, 2016
Characterizing the epigenome of glioma stem cells
157 Keith Robertson Feb 23, 2018
Histone deacetylase inhibition in triple-negative breast cancer
36 Dave S.B. Hoon Feb 14, 2017
Breast cancer cells treated with a novel KDM5 inhibitor, 5-aza-2' Deoxycytidine, or both.
33 Benjamin Leadem Dec 07, 2017
Chronic Cigarette Smoke-Induced Epigenomic, gene expression and chromatin changes in Bronchial Epithelial Cells
86 Hariharan Easwaran Oct 21, 2017
Whole genome bisulphite sequencing using the Illumina X system
19 Andrew Johnston Jul 12, 2018
Gain of function DNMT3A mutations cause microcephalic dwarfism and hypermethylation of Polycomb-regulated regions
66 Duncan Sproul Nov 26, 2018
Epigenetic therapy strengthens immune synapses to potentiate susceptibility of lung cancer cells to adoptive γδ T cell therapy
32 Rueyhung Roc Weng Feb 16, 2021
Integrative omics analyses reveal epigenetic memory in diabetic cells regulating genes associated with kidney dysfunction.
48 Anita Bansal Oct 28, 2020
Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 2 (EBNA2) extensively rewires the human chromatin landscape at autoimmune risk loci
29 Matthew Weirauch Sep 23, 2021
The potential of epigenetic therapy to target the 3D epigenome in endocrine-resistant breast cancer
88 Joanna Achinger-Kawecka Dec 12, 2021
An integrated epigenome and transcriptome analysis to clarify the effect of epigenetic inhibitors in gastrointestinal stromal cells
10 Hiromu Suzuki Jun 21, 2021
Elevated enhancer-oncogene contacts and higher oncogene expression levels by recurrent CTCF inactivating mutations in acute T cell leukemia
171 Rico Hagelaar Apr 29, 2023