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Single cell analysis reveals mechanisms of heterogeneity and plasticity of leukemia initiating cells
22 Edroaldo Lummertz da Rocha Mar 24, 2022
Dual genome-wide coding and lncRNA screens in neural induction of induced pluripotent stem cells
42 David Wu Aug 02, 2022
Comprehensive epigenomic profiling of human alveolar epithelial differentiation identifies key epigenetic states and transcription factor co-regulatory networks for maintenance of distal lung identity
48 Crystal N Marconett Oct 27, 2021
Astrocyte Reactivity and Cognitive Decline Follow Chronic Heterochromatin Loss in Neurons
71 Andrew Newman Jan 10, 2024
Single cell level analysis of the Arabidopsis root transcriptome and chromatin accessibility
9 Andrew D Farmer Jan 11, 2021
Map3k2-regulated intestinal stromal cells define a distinct intestine stem cell niche for tissue repair
21 Hongxiang Sun Aug 15, 2020
Single cell resolution regulatory landscape of the mouse kidney highlights cellular differentiation programs and renal disease targets
13 Katalin Susztak Aug 29, 2020
The IPF-associated variant in MUC5B, rs35705950, resides within an enhancer that is subject to lineage- and disease-dependent epigenetic remodeling
8 Sarah Sasse Dec 29, 2020
NRF1 Association with AUTS2-Polycomb Mediates Specific Gene Activation in the Brain
33 sanxiong liu Oct 11, 2021
Single cell epigenomics reveals mechanisms of human cortical development
10 Ryan Ziffra Dec 11, 2020
Single Cell Analysis of Chromatin Accessibility Reveals Genetic and Regulatory Heterogeneity in Glioblastomas
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Ramya Raviram Jan 19, 2021
Integration of M. tuberculosis phenotype with single cell RNA-seq to interrogate host macrophage heterogeneity in vivo.
24 Davide Pisu Apr 28, 2021
LKB1 inactivation initiates a chromatin remodeling cascade to drive metastatic progression
441 Jeffrey Michael Granja Apr 30, 2021
Transcriptional regulation of cell fate decisions in early B cell activation.
38 Maria Fischer Aug 30, 2021
Targeting P300/CBP reveals discrete regulation of transcription and chromatin accessibility by histone acetylation [singlecellseq]
4 Simon J Hogg May 11, 2021
Multi-omic profiling reveals widespread dysregulation of innate immunity and hematopoiesis in COVID-19
70 Aaron James Wilk May 08, 2021
Lamin B1 deletion in myeloid neoplasms alters hematopoietic cell fate and causes Pelger-Huët nuclear anomaly
22 Sergei Doulatov Mar 11, 2022
NEAT-seq: Simultaneous profiling of intra-nuclear proteins, chromatin accessibility, and gene expression in single cells
13 Amy Chen Feb 27, 2022
Mitochondrial variant enrichment from high-throughput single-cell RNA-seq resolves clonal populations
22 Peter van Galen Dec 08, 2021
An atlas of healthy and injured cell states and niches in the human kidney [SNARE-Seq2]
34 Kun Zhang Oct 10, 2022