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Genome-wide Analyses of Transcription Factor GATA3-Mediated Gene Regulation in Distinct T Cell Types
53 Brian J Abraham Aug 26, 2011
Dynamic binding of RBPJ is determined by Notch signalling status
33 Arjen Brinkman May 13, 2013
Mapping Epigenomic Type-Specific Differences Occurring During Hematopoiesis
14 Brian J Abraham Mar 25, 2013
The Estrogen receptor alpha regulated NEAT1 long non-coding RNA promotes prostate cancer progression
9 Dimple Chakravarty Dec 01, 2014
FOXO3 selectively amplifies enhancer activity to establish target gene regulation.
18 Michal Mokry Nov 26, 2013
KDM5B focuses H3K4 methylation near promoters and enhancers during embryonic stem cell self-renewal and differentiation
61 Benjamin L Kidder Jan 27, 2014
ChIP-seq and RNA-seq analysis of PRC2 core subunits in primary human erythroid progenitor cells
30 Jian Xu Jan 01, 2015
ChIP-seq and RNA-seq analyses identify Wnt and Fgf signaling pathways as Prep1 targets in mouse embryonic stem cells
4 Hans-Jörg Warnatz Apr 01, 2015
Genome wide profiling of the RNAPII, γH2AX, H3K4Me1, H3K4M2 and H3K4Me3 in MLL2 F/F and FC/FC MEF cells
52 Theo Kantidakis Apr 13, 2016
Mutation of cancer driver MLL2 results in transcription stress and genome instability
62 Theo Kantidakis Apr 13, 2016
CHD4 and the NuRD complex directly control cardiac sarcomere formation
21 Jeremy M Simon May 15, 2018
An engineered IL-2 partial agonist promotes CD8+ T cell stemness
71 Peng Li Jul 06, 2021
BAP1 activity regulates Polycomb occupancy and global chromatin condensation counteracting diffuse PCGF3/5-dependent H2AK119ub1 deposition
192 Federico Rossi Jun 27, 2021
ChIP-seq and mRNA-seq experiment to find the direct target genes of ATF4 and CHOP
10 Maureen A Sartor Apr 11, 2013
STATs Shape the Active Enhancer Landscape of T Cell Populations
42 Golnaz Vahedi Nov 24, 2012
SMYD5 regulates H4K20me3-marked heterochromatin to safeguard ES cell self-renewal and prevent spurious differentiation
27 Benjamin L Kidder Jun 12, 2017
Decoding the Universal Human Chromatin Landscape through Teratoma-Based Profiling
22 Benjamin L Kidder Jan 29, 2024
Cohesin and CTCF Differentially Affect the Chromatin Architecture and Gene Expression in Human Cells
18 Jesse R Dixon Dec 16, 2013
Targeting H3K4 methylation as a therapeutic strategy for Huntington's disease
32 Christopher Ng Jul 18, 2013
Chromatin structure dynamics during human cardiomyocyte differention reveals a role of HERV-H in demarcating TAD boundaries.
115 Bing Ren Jul 09, 2019