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Genome-wide activity-dependent MeCP2 phosphorylation regulates nervous system development and function
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35 Harrison Wren Gabel Sep 08, 2011
Ogt chromatin recruitment is mediated by TET proteins in mouse ES cells
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6 Sri Ganesh Jammula Jan 06, 2013
A multiply redundant genetic switch locks in the transcriptional signature of T regulatory cells
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64 CBDM Lab Aug 23, 2012
Defining a molecular roadmap of cellular reprogramming into iPS cells
61 Ben S. Wittner Dec 20, 2012
Zinc finger protein Zfp335 is required for formation of the naïve T cell compartment
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18 Brenda Yuyuan Han Oct 16, 2014
Impaired PRC2 activity promotes transcriptional instability and favors breast tumorigenesis
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30 Nicolas Servant Oct 01, 2015
Loss of TET2 in hematopoietic cells leads to DNA hypermethylation of active enhancers and induction of leukemogenesis
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53 Kasper Dindler Rasmussen Apr 22, 2015
An alternative pluripotent state confers interspecies chimaeric competency
42 Christopher Benner May 06, 2015
Functions of BET proteins in GATA1-mediated transcription
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27 Aaron James Stonestrom Feb 23, 2015
Tbr2 and Neurog2 occupancy and transcriptional profiling of control and Tbr2 knockout E14.5 cerebral cortices
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9 Luca Massimino Sep 08, 2016
Master transcription factors in corneal epithelial cells
41 Koji Kitazawa Apr 11, 2016
gene expression analysis in Pbx1; Emx1-cre mutant cortex at embryonic day
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22 olga golonzhka Nov 10, 2015
H3K4/H3K9me3 Bivalent Chromatin Domains Targeted by Lineage-specific DNA Methylation Pauses Adipocyte Differentiation
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51 Yoshihiro Matsumura Nov 19, 2015
HNF6 and Rev-erba Integrate Hepatic Lipid Metabolism By Overlapping and Distinct Transcriptional Mechanisms
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14 Bin Fang Jun 29, 2016
Aire, guardian of immunological tolerance, binds to and activates super-enhancers
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51 CBDM Lab Jan 22, 2017
Vascular endothelial cells differentiation from mouse embryonic stem cells
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37 Yasuharu Kanki Feb 13, 2017
The hepatic circadian clock fine-tunes the lipogenic response to feeding through RORa/g
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30 Manashree Damle Dec 03, 2017
Cerebellar granular neurons (CGN) and progenitors (CGNP) upon DOT1L inhibition or cKO
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34 Patrick Piero Bovio Oct 15, 2018
ERα Dependent Alterations in the Epigenetic Landscape of the Mouse Uterus Following Neonatal Estrogen Exposure
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60 Wendy Jefferson Mar 27, 2018
SOX17 regulates uterine epithelial-stromal crosstalk acting via a distal enhancer upstream of Ihh
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7 Franco Demayo Aug 09, 2018