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esBAF is an essential component of the core pluripotency transcriptional network
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8 Raja Jothi Jan 20, 2009
Gene expression and UH2A ChIP-Seq binding analysis in Bmi1 knock-out and wild type MEFs
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4 Raja Jothi May 20, 2009
Analysis of interleukin-21-induced Prdm1 gene regulation reveals functional cooperation of STAT3 and IRF4 TFs
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56 Warren J Leonard Jan 08, 2010
A quantitative model of transcription regulation reveals the role of non-conserved enhancers
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28 Kenzie MacIsaac May 13, 2010
Expression and ChIP-seq analyses of embryonic stem cells, extraembryonic endoderm stem cells, and trophoblast stem cells
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16 Brian Joseph Cox May 17, 2010
Diverse Targets of the Transcription Factor STAT3 Contribute to T Cell Pathogenicity and Homeostasis
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19 Golnaz Vahedi May 30, 2010
Discrete Roles of STAT4 and STAT6 Transcription Factors in Tuning Epigenetic Modifications and Transcription during Helper T Cell Differentiation
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21 Golnaz Vahedi Jun 18, 2010
The JMJD3-IRF4 axis regulates M2 macrophage polarization and host responses against helminth infection
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6 Osamu Takeuchi Aug 22, 2010
Comparative Epigenomic Analysis of Murine and Human Adipogenesis
111 Tarjei S Mikkelsen Sep 30, 2010
Histone methylation and transcription factor binding during intestinal cell differentation
17 Michael P Verzi Nov 17, 2010
Widespread targeted chromatin remodeling during the initial phase of somatic cell reprogramming
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36 Richard Koche Jan 03, 2011
Opposing regulation of the Il17 locus through direct, reciprocal actions of STAT3 and STAT5
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6 Golnaz Vahedi Feb 09, 2011
Cardiac transcription factors in HL-1 cells: gene expression and genome binding profiling
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17 Sek Won Kong Mar 02, 2011
Disrupted processing of long pre-mRNAs and widespread RNA missplicing are components of neuronal vulnerability from loss of nuclear TDP-43
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29 Gene Yeo Mar 03, 2011
ChIP-seq analysis reveals distinct H3K27me3 profiles associated with gene regulation
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8 Matthew Daniel Young Mar 21, 2011
Genome-wide Localization of SREBP-2 in Hepatic Chromatin Predicts a Novel Role in Autophagy
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8 Jacob Biesinger Mar 23, 2011
Dual functions of Tet1 in transcriptional regulation in mouse embryonic stem cells
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38 Hao Wu Mar 30, 2011
Genome-wide analysis reveals unique regulation of transcription of Th2-specific genes by GATA3
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16 Atsushi Onodera Mar 31, 2011
Cdx2 transcription factor binding in intestinal villus and gene expression profiling in Cdx mutant mice
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13 Michael P Verzi Apr 13, 2011
Tet1 and hydroxymethylcytosine in transcription and DNA methylation fidelity
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32 Kristine Williams Apr 13, 2011