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Expression and ChIP-seq analyses of embryonic stem cells, extraembryonic endoderm stem cells, and trophoblast stem cells
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16 Brian Joseph Cox May 17, 2010
Gene expression and UH2A ChIP-Seq binding analysis in Bmi1 knock-out and wild type MEFs
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4 Raja Jothi May 20, 2009
PU.1 in normal erythroid progenitors and erythroleukemia cells
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15 Sandeep Nagaraj Wontakal Jun 23, 2011
The transcriptional program controlled by Runx1 during early hematopoietic development
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8 Anagha M Joshi May 30, 2012
Genome-wide activity-dependent MeCP2 phosphorylation regulates nervous system development and function
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35 Harrison Wren Gabel Sep 08, 2011
Nucleosome dynamics specifies genome-wide binding of the male germ cell gene regulator CTCFL and of CTCF
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13 frank sleutels Jul 25, 2012
GATA-1 in proliferating and differentiating murine ES cell derived erythroid progenitors
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10 Sandeep Nagaraj Wontakal Feb 27, 2012
Genome-wide characterization of menin-dependent H3K4me3 reveals a specific role for menin in the regulation of genes implicated in MEN1-like tumors
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16 Raja Jothi Jun 01, 2012
Dual-mode modulation of Smad signaling by Smad-interacting protein Sip1 is required for myelination in the central nervous system
6 Qing Richard Lu Aug 31, 2012
Gene expression and ChIP-seq analysis of hematopoetic progenitors
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30 Supriyo De Dec 31, 2018
ER, GR, and E2
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51 Songjoon Baek Jul 01, 2013
Role of EGR2 transcription factor in T cell anergy
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15 Yan Zheng Apr 21, 2013
SET is essential for pluripotency, proliferation and differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells
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19 Raghu Edupuganti Aug 26, 2017
Multiple Overlapping Mammalian Chromatin Remodeling Systems Collaborate Genome-wide at Dynamic Chromatin Transitions
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33 Songjoon Baek Dec 24, 2013
Mammary morphogenesis and regeneration require the inhibition of EMT at terminal end buds by Ovol2 transcriptional repressor
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6 Kazuhide Watanabe Mar 19, 2014
Negative reciprocal regulation between SIRT1 and Per2 in circadian clock during aging
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12 Gangqing Hu Aug 08, 2016
ChIP-seq and RNA-seq study of human FXR in primary human hepatocytes and microarray analysis of GW4064 versus vehicle treated wild type mouse livers
12 Le Zhan Jul 22, 2014
HP1β has distinct subnuclear localizations, chromatin binding features and functions in embryonic stem cells and differentiating cells
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14 Eran Meshorer Aug 02, 2015
Complex Interdependence Regulates Heterotypic Transcription Factor Distribution and Coordinates Cardiogenesis
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68 Benoit G. Bruneau Feb 11, 2016
Interferon stimulation creates chromatin marks to establish transcriptional memory
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60 Rui Kamada Aug 28, 2018