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A DNMT3A PWWP mutation leads to methylation of bivalent chromatin and postnatal growth retardation in mice
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79 Felix Krueger Mar 18, 2019
A novel role of Tet1/2 proteins in cell cycle progression of trophoblast stem cells
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15 Myriam Hemberger May 02, 2018
Age-associated cryptic transcription in mammalian stem cells is linked to permissive chromatin at cryptic promoters
52 Weiwei Dang Jul 15, 2021
An engineered Sox17 induces somatic to neural stem cell fate transition independently from pluripotency reprogramming
140 Mingxi WENG Jul 19, 2023
Bisulfite-free base-resolution sequencing of oxidized cytosines (APOBEC-seq) reveals a ubiquitous role of thymine DNA glycosylase in active gene promoters and an interaction with MBD3/NuRD
55 Moshe Szyf Jun 30, 2023
Characterization of chromatin accessibility in Oct4 expressing cells in cranial and trunk regions of 4 and 6 somite stage embryos
  • Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing
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26 Antoine Zalc Feb 11, 2021
DNA methylation in the mouse cochlea promotes maturation of supporting cells and contributes to the failure of hair cell regeneration
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52 John Duc Nguyen Feb 07, 2023
DNA methylation repels binding of hypoxia-inducible transcription factors to maintain tumour immunotolerance
285 Jieyi Xiong Jun 18, 2020
DNA sequence and chromatin modifiers determine epigenetic bistability at imprinting control regions
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7 Tuncay Baubec Jul 20, 2022
Endogenous retroviral insertions drive non-canonical imprinting in extra-embryonic tissues
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Felix Krueger Sep 19, 2019
Enhancer-associated H3K4 methylation safeguards in vitro germline competence
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118 Alvaro Rada-Iglesias Jul 27, 2020
EpiMethylTag simultaneously detects ATAC-seq or ChIP-seq signals with DNA methylation
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26 Priscillia Lhoumaud Oct 01, 2019
GLP is critical for oogenesis exhibiting a G9A-independent role in transcriptional repression
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40 Felix Krueger Dec 02, 2022
Gain of function DNMT3A mutations cause microcephalic dwarfism and hypermethylation of Polycomb-regulated regions
66 Duncan Sproul Nov 26, 2018
Gestational diabetes in mice induces hematopoietic memory that impacts the long-term health of the offspring
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20 Reynaud Damien Nov 13, 2023
H3K27me3 shapes DNA methylome by inhibiting UHRF1-mediated H3 ubiquitination
23 Falong Lu Jun 27, 2022
H3K27me3 shapes DNA methylome by inhibiting UHRF1-mediated H3 ubiquitination [Bisulfite-seq]
9 Falong Lu Jun 27, 2022
HP1 deficiency results in De-repression of Endogenous Retroviruses and Induction of Neurodegeneration via Complement
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39 Andrew Newman Jan 10, 2024
IRF8 configures enhancer landscape in postnatal microglia and directs microglia specific transcriptional programs
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72 Keita Saeki Jun 01, 2023
Insights into the regulation of the brain-placental axis
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42 Susanta K. Behura Aug 27, 2021