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Genome-wide analysis of histone modification, protein-DNA binding, cytosine methylation and transcriptome data in mouse and human ES cells and pig iPS cells
47 Pengfei Yu Feb 28, 2012
Genome-wide maps of cytosine methylation, cytosine hydroxylmethylation and small non coding RNAs in mouse ES cells and upon guided differentiation to mesoendoderm cells
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36 Pengfei Yu Sep 22, 2012
T-bet recruits P-TEFb to super-enhancers to regulate T helper cell differentiation
143 Richard Jenner Jun 08, 2016
Transcriptional plasticity promotes primary and acquired resistance to BET bromodomain inhibition
103 Philipp Rathert Sep 08, 2015
Chronic haloperidol effects on gene expression and chromatin accessibility in mouse brain
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87 Yunjung Kim Apr 10, 2016
Distinct processes and transcriptional targets underlie CDX2 requirements in intestinal stem cells and differentiated villus cells
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11 Ramesh Shivdasani Sep 15, 2015
Investigation into SATB2 DNA-binding sites and the effect of SATB2 removal on the transcriptome of skeletal muscle satellite cells
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14 Marjorie Brand Apr 06, 2023
Asymmetrical forward and reverse developmental trajectories determine molecular programs of B cell antigen receptor editing
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77 Mark Maienschein-Cline Jul 06, 2022
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43 Rajesh C Rao Jun 22, 2021
Chromatin landscape in perinatal cardiomyocytes
28 Zhang Jing Feb 03, 2023
DOT1L inhibitors block abnormal self-renewal induced by cohesin loss
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25 Katelyn Elizabeth Heimbruch Feb 25, 2021
N6-methyladenosine RNA modification regulates embryonic neural stem cell self-renewal through histone modifications.
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35 Yue Li Nov 21, 2017
TAK-418-418, a LSD1 inhibitor, can rescue the genome wide chromatin abnormality in hippocapmus tissue in KMT2D+/bGeo mice after 2 week treatment
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45 Li Zhang Mar 11, 2020
Scl specifies hemogenic endothelium and inhibits cardiogenesis via primed enhancers
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47 Tõnis Org Jan 01, 2015
Nucleosome organization dynamics during fertilization reveals regulation factors of zygotic gene activation in mouse
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180 Shaorong Gao Apr 02, 2022
Oct4 differentially regulates chromatin opening and enhancer transcription in pluripotent stem cells
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64 Le Xiong Jun 30, 2021
Genetic-epigenetic interactions in paternal transgenerational inheritance of metabolic disorders
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75 Anne-Sophie Pépin Mar 30, 2022
Identification and characterization of BEND2 as a novel and key regulator of meiosis during mouse spermatogenesis
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40 Chunsheng Han Jun 01, 2022
ATAC-seq data in MEF and mESC sequenced by BGI DNBSEQ-G400 platform and Illumina HiseqX10 instruments
  • Genome binding/occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing
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12 Christian Nefzger Jul 27, 2022
Paternal obesity alters the sperm epigenome and and is associated with changes in the placental transcriptome and its cellular composition
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22 Anne-Sophie Pépin Sep 09, 2022