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Estrogen-mediated Epigenetic Repression of Large Chromosomal Regions through DNA Looping
12 Pei-Yin Hsu Apr 29, 2010
Novel long non-coding RNAs are involved in cellular response to angiotensin II signaling
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8 Amy Leung Jun 30, 2013
Rodent trophoblast epigenome
26 Edward Chuong Dec 04, 2012
Genome-wide analysis of the rat colon reveals site-specific differences in histone modifications and proto-oncogene expression
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7 Karen Triff Aug 01, 2013
Chromatin occupancy and target genes of TCF7L2 in hepatocytes
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44 Sami Heikkinen Nov 24, 2014
Methylation of H3K9 by G9a/GLP protects against pathological cardiac hypertrophy
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59 Felix Krueger Dec 05, 2016
Genomic binding and regulation of gene expression by the thyroid carcinoma-associated PAX8-PPARG fusion protein
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14 Bing Ren Jan 21, 2016
Activity-dependent transcriptional changes in human neurons
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Bulent Ataman Nov 02, 2016
Integrative genomics outlines a biphasic glucose response and a ChREBP-RORγ axis regulating proliferation in β-cells
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54 Susanne Mandrup Sep 06, 2016
Assessment of Histone Tail Modifications and Transcriptional Profiling During Colon Cancer and Role of fish oil/pectin Diet Against Colon Carcinogen
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107 Jennifer Goldsby Sep 08, 2017
A Reciprocal Regulatory Loop Between TAZ/YAP and G protein Gαs Regulates Schwann Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
13 Richard Lu Apr 26, 2017
Epigenetic effects of vitamin C on differentiation of neural stem cells
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24 Jong Hwan Kim Nov 14, 2018
Glutamine 5 serotonylation on histone H3 is a permissive modification that functions combinatorialy with H3K4me3 to potentiate TFIID interactions
87 Aarthi Ramakrishnan Dec 18, 2018
Chromatin remodeler CHD8 in CNS myelination and remyelination
11 Richard Lu Jun 20, 2018
LTR retrotransposons transcribed in oocytes drive species-specific and heritable changes in DNA methylation
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Matthew C Lorincz Jul 06, 2018
Genome-wide analysis of AR binding and transcriptomic analysis of mesenchymal subsets during prostate development
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214 Claire Elizabeth Nash Jun 30, 2019
Deletion of Cdkn1b in ACI rats perturbs mammary progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation through non-cell-autonomous mechanisms
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52 Kornelia Polyak Feb 11, 2019
Tet1-mediated Epigenetic Programming Regulates Calcium Homeostasis and Stage-specific CNS Myelination and Regeneration
13 Richard Lu Nov 20, 2019
Cannabinoid exposure in rat adolescence reprograms the initial behavioral, molecular, and epigenetic response to cocaine
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22 Philippe Melas Jul 27, 2019
CTCF-dependent chromatin architecture and SUZ12/PRC2 complex recruitment are required for peripheral myelination and repair
18 Richard Lu Jun 22, 2020