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A Global View of Gene Activity and Alternative Splicing by Deep Sequencing of the Human Transcriptome
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11 Marc Sultan Jul 03, 2008
Chromatin Signatures in Multipotent Human HSCs Indicate the Fate of Bivalent Genes during Differentiation
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24 Chongzhi Zang Jan 09, 2009
CTCF demarcates chromatin domains
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7 Raja Jothi Oct 20, 2008
The DNA-Encoded Nucleosome Organization of a Eukaryotic Genome
8 Desiree Tillo Dec 18, 2008
An Integrated Network of Androgen Receptor and TMPRSS2-ERG Gene Fusion in Prostate Cancer Progression
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Jindan Yu May 18, 2010
Genome-wide mapping of HATs and HDACs in human CD4+ T cells
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41 Chongzhi Zang Aug 20, 2009
Stat6 mediated regulation of transcription to initiate Th2 program in human T cells
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116 Henna Kallionpää Jun 25, 2010
Discovering Hematopoietic Mechanisms Through Genome-Wide Analysis of GATA Factor Chromatin Occupancy
11 Emery H. Bresnick Nov 25, 2009
University of Washington Human Reference Epigenome Mapping Project
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758 Northwest REMC Jan 06, 2010
Proteomic analysis of native hepatocyte nuclear factor-4{alpha} (HNF4{alpha}) isoforms, phosphorylation status, and interactive cofactors.
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12 Kenji Daigo Dec 22, 2010
BRD7 is a candidate tumour suppressor gene required for p53 function
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8 Jarno Drost Mar 14, 2010
Comparative Epigenomic Analysis of Murine and Human Adipogenesis
111 Tarjei S Mikkelsen Sep 30, 2010
PHF8 targets histone methylation and RNA polymerase II to activate transcription
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16 Klaus Fortschegger Apr 27, 2010
Estrogen-mediated Epigenetic Repression of Large Chromosomal Regions through DNA Looping
12 Pei-Yin Hsu Apr 29, 2010
OCT4, NANOG and CTCF in human embryonic stem cells
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17 Justin Jeyakani Joseph Gnanakkan Apr 05, 2010
CpG islands recruit a histone H3 lysine 36 demethylase
6 Peter J Park Apr 27, 2010
Wide-ranging fucntions of E2F4 in transcriptional activation and repression revealed by genome-wide analysis
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12 Vishy Iyer Nov 01, 2010
Cell-Type-Specific TGF-beta Signaling is Targeted to Genes that Control Cell Identity
22 Richard A Young Aug 24, 2011
Genome wide analysis of ER beta in U2OS cells
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22 Xiaoyue Zhao May 12, 2010
PHF8 mediates histone demethylation events in cell cycle progression
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11 Michael Rosenfeld Sep 01, 2010