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Genome-scale methylome profiling of human pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas (Illumina methylation beadchips) and mouse chromaffin cells (RRBS)
176 Eric Letouzé May 06, 2013
Altered DNA methylation underlies monocyte dysregulation and immune exhaustion memory in sepsis
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75 Blake Alexander Caldwell Mar 05, 2024
Maternal Influence on Exonic CpG Island Methylation in the Developing Hippocampus
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29 Miklos Toth Feb 04, 2013
Trans-effects of chromosome aneuploidies on DNA methylation patterns in human Down syndrome and mouse models
134 Benjamin Tycko Oct 30, 2015
Cytosolic pattern recognition receptors respond to EZH2-inhibition induced viral mimicry response that eliminates splenic B cells
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70 Frederick Andrew Dick Oct 18, 2023
Methylation of hMTase G9a on a histone-like site regulates protein complex assembly
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10 Agnes Viale Aug 14, 2007
Promoter-wide profiling of DNA methylation in prefrontal cortex of Camk2-mutPolg mouse.
  • Methylation profiling by array
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26 Junko Ueda Jan 12, 2022
Comparison of global DNA methylation analysis by whole genome bisulfite sequencing and the Infinium Mouse Methylation BeadChip using fresh and fresh-frozen mouse epidermis
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24 Olivia Luxford Meyer Sep 23, 2022
DNA methylation and gene expression changes in mice induced by parabiosis and recovery
233 Jesse Poganik Apr 21, 2023
Using ChIP-chip technology to reveal common principles of transcriptional repression in normal and cancer cells
47 Vitalina Komashko Mar 31, 2008
Methylation studies in multiple human tissues N16
  • Methylation profiling by array
661 Steve Horvath Aug 05, 2023
Methylation studies in multiple human tissues N36
  • Methylation profiling by array
96 Steve Horvath Aug 05, 2023
Methylation studies in multiple human tissues N47
  • Methylation profiling by array
95 Steve Horvath Aug 05, 2023
Methylation studies in roe deer
  • Methylation profiling by array
94 Steve Horvath Aug 02, 2022
Methylation studies in multiple human tissues N66
  • Methylation profiling by array
92 Steve Horvath Aug 05, 2023
Methylation studies in human and mouse placenta
  • Methylation profiling by array
47 Steve Horvath Aug 05, 2023
Methylation studies in human blood N94 N68
  • Methylation profiling by array
384 Steve Horvath Aug 05, 2023
Methylation studies in wild ass and Grevy's zebra
  • Methylation profiling by array
12 Steve Horvath Nov 25, 2021
Methylation studies in plains zebras
  • Methylation profiling by array
118 Steve Horvath Nov 25, 2021
Methylation studies in human cells N76
  • Methylation profiling by array
17 Steve Horvath Aug 05, 2023