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Longitudinal changes in DNA methylation associated with clozapine use in treatment-resistant schizophrenia from two international cohorts
  • Methylation profiling by array
126 Emma Walker Jul 17, 2024
Different effects of bariatric surgery on epigenetic plasticity in skeletal muscle of individuals with and without type 2 diabetes [methylation array]
  • Methylation profiling by array
52 Annette Schürmann Jul 17, 2024
DNA methylation profiles of SMARCB1-deficient T cell lymphomas
  • Methylation profiling by array
20 Anja Fischer Jul 16, 2024
Aged Mouse Muscle and Serum: Sedentary or Exercised Animals with or without Nicotinamide N-methyltransferase Inhibitor Treatment
  • Methylation profiling by array
48 Stan J Watowich Jul 13, 2024
Purinergic Preconditioning Induces Epigenomic and Transcriptomic Changes Resembling Epilepsy-associated Microglial States 
  • Methylation profiling by array
20 Esteban Ballestar Jul 09, 2024
SETD2 loss sensitizes kidney cancer cells to DNA hypomethylating agents [methylation]
  • Methylation profiling by array
6 Aguirre de Cubas Jul 01, 2024
Aberrant proximal tubule DNA methylation underlies phenotypic changes related to kidney dysfunction in patients with diabetes
  • Methylation profiling by array
33 Takeshi Marumo Jul 01, 2024
NAPRT silencing in FH-deficient renal cell carcinoma confers therapeutic vulnerabilities via NAD+ depletion
  • Methylation profiling by array
14 Ranjit Bindra Jul 01, 2024
A type 2 diabetes DNA methylation signature in monocytes exhibits ethnic specificity preferentially for Native Hawaiians
  • Methylation profiling by array
392 Christian Ka'ikekuponoaloha Dye Jun 22, 2024
Spindle cell lesions with oncogenic EGFR kinase domain aberrations: expanding the spectrum of protein kinase-related mesenchymal tumors
  • Methylation profiling by array
14 Evelina Miele Jun 17, 2024
Diagnostic Utility of DNA Methylation Analysis in Genetically Unsolved Pediatric Epilepsies and CHD2 Episignature Refinement
  • Methylation profiling by array
290 Heather Mefford Jun 13, 2024
Capmatinib shows superior efficacy for MET-fusion driven pediatric high-grade glioma and synergizes with radiotherapy (mouse methylation array)
  • Methylation profiling by array
3 Jared Andrews Jun 12, 2024
Substrate elasticity does not impact on DNA methylation changes during differentiation of pluripotent stem cells.
  • Methylation profiling by array
36 Wolfgang Wagner Jun 12, 2024
DNA methylation profile in matched oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma and normal adjacent tissue samples
  • Methylation profiling by array
92 Fabio Albuquerque Marchi Jun 07, 2024
Epigenetic priming induces cancer testis antigens and human endogenous retroviruses in glioma for enhanced T cell responses at single cell resolution (methylation)
  • Methylation profiling by array
20 Thomas Jasper Lai Jun 04, 2024
Transcriptome-wide gene expression outlier analysis pinpoints therapeutic vulnerabilities in colorectal cancer
  • Methylation profiling by array
88 Federica Di Nicolantonio May 31, 2024
Human skeletal muscle possesses an epigenetic memory of high intensity interval training
  • Methylation profiling by array
20 Adam P Sharples May 30, 2024
DNA methylation across the genome in aged human skeletal muscle tissue and muscle-derived cells
  • Methylation profiling by array
42 Adam P Sharples May 23, 2024
Genomic and phenotypic stability of fusion-driven pediatric sarcoma cell lines [array]
  • Methylation profiling by array
62 Thomas Georg Philipp Grunewald May 22, 2024
A novel type of spinal ependymoma with anaplastic features
  • Methylation profiling by array
4 Julia Elisabeth Neumann May 22, 2024