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Comparison of osteosarcoma cell lines and normal human osteoblasts
20 Bekim Sadikovic May 01, 2009
Genome-wide changes in DNA methylation and copy number play a role in deregulation of gene expression in osteosarcoma
58 Bekim Sadikovic Sep 08, 2009
Genome-wide analysis of differential methylation and gene expression in a testicular cancer cell line
13 Hoi Hung Cheung Mar 18, 2009
Epigenetic signature of breast cancer and its association with gene expression and copy number
16 Ann Chambers Jul 03, 2009
Crosstalk between gene body DNA methylation, H3K9me3 and H3K36me3 chromatin marks and transcription
24 Xiwei Wu Mar 31, 2011
Chromosome wide analysis of parental allele specific chromatin and DNA methylation in mouse
46 Xiwei Wu Mar 31, 2011
HCV Replication: permissive and non-permissive cells
8 Qiuyue Chen Jul 03, 2013
Nanomolar treatment with epigenetic drug combination induces genome-wide methylation and expression alterations in neuro-ectodermal cell lines
88 Floor Duijkers Jul 01, 2012
Mammalian cells acquire epigenetic hallmarks of human cancer during immortalization
17 Xiwei Wu Nov 29, 2012
Cigarette Smoking Induces Small Airway Epithelial Epigenetic Changes with Corresponding Modulation of Gene Expression
75 Yael Strulovici-Barel Aug 05, 2013
Epigenome analysis of uterin leiomyoma and myometrium with or without leiomyoma
18 Ryo Maekawa Sep 01, 2013
Anti-BRAF mutation drug resistance enhances EGFR expression in melanomas
8 Dave S.B. Hoon Dec 17, 2014
Generation and Characterization of an immortalized human mesenchymal stromal cell line model
20 Leonardo A. Meza-Zepeda Dec 31, 2014
Genome-wide methylation analysis and gene expression profiling identifies genes silenced in non-seminoma cell lines
8 Paul J Scotting Jan 15, 2016
Profiling of the transcriptional response to all-trans retinoic acid in breast cancer cells reveals RARE-independent mechanisms of gene expression
72 Paola Marcato Nov 06, 2017
Expression profiling and DNA methylation of TNBCs
80 Paola Marcato Oct 22, 2018
Gene expression and DNA methylation profiles of KK.Cg-Ay/J (KKAy) mice and KK-a/a (KKa) mice
24 Fuu-Jen Tsai Dec 13, 2018
Therapeutic efficacy of dimethyl fumarate in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis is linked with monocytic oxidative responses
110 Ewoud Ewing Jul 31, 2019
Epigenetic footprint of hepatoblastoma defines a novel integrative molecular classification with clinical implications
206 Carolina Armengol Mar 23, 2020
Expresion and methylation analysis of adult somatic cell lines, five days after OSK, AOX15 and AO9 overxpression and derived iPSC using the different combinations
60 Jordi Martorell-Marugan Jul 24, 2020