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DNA methylation and gene expression changes during acquired resistance to ALK inhibitors
7 Jong Hwan Kim Sep 20, 2022
Gibbin (AHDC1) regulates the mesoderm to pattern epithelial development
64 Anthony Oro Jan 17, 2022
Meningioma DNA methylation grouping reveals biologic drivers and therapeutic vulnerabilities
760 Abrar Choudhury Jan 10, 2022
Epigenome analysis and Gene expression analysis of hESCs undergoing neuronal differentiation
51 Ragnhild Eskeland Oct 13, 2022
Multi-omics analysis of paracetamol exposure identifies dysregulated genes involved in neurotoxicity and neuronal differentiation of human embryonic stem cells
73 Ragnhild Eskeland Aug 31, 2023
Imaging and multi-omics datasets converge to define different neural progenitor origins for ATRT-SHH subgroups
69 Mamy Jean de Dieu ANDRIANTERANAGNA Sep 20, 2023
METTL7B is an essential epigenetic regulator of lineage specification in glioblastoma
73 James Nicholson Jul 01, 2024
Patient and xenograft-derived organoids recapitulate pediatric brain tumors features and patient treatments
15 Evelina Miele Dec 01, 2023
Gene expression and Epigenome analysis of hESCs undergoing neuronal differentiation
194 Mari Spildrejorde Jul 01, 2024