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UCSD Human Reference Epigenome Mapping Project
878 UCSD AND SALK Aug 03, 2009
UCSF-UBC Human Reference Epigenome Mapping Project
529 UCSF-UBC CENTER Aug 03, 2009
de novo DNA Methylation Balances Hematopoietic Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Differentiation
10 deqiang sun Sep 30, 2011
Genome-wide analysis distinguishes hyperglycemia regulated epigenetic signatures of primary vascular cells (ChIP-seq)
13 Assam El-Osta Jun 01, 2011
Base-resolution analyses of parent-of-origin and sequence dependent allele specific DNA methylation in the mouse genome (ChIP-seq and Methyl-seq)
10 Wei Xie Feb 15, 2012
Bisulphite-sequencing of chromatin immunoprecipitated DNA (BisChiP-seq) directly informs methylation status
2 Mark Robinson Jan 18, 2012
Base-resolution analyses of sequence and parent-of-origin dependent DNA methylation
17 Wei Xie Feb 15, 2012
Genome-wide analysis of histone modification, protein-DNA binding, cytosine methylation and transcriptome data in mouse and human ES cells and pig iPS cells
47 Pengfei Yu Feb 28, 2012
Genome-wide maps of cytosine methylation, cytosine hydroxylmethylation and small non coding RNAs in mouse ES cells and upon guided differentiation to mesoendoderm cells
36 Pengfei Yu Sep 22, 2012
Extensive sex differences at the initiation of meiotic recombination
22 Kevin Brick Sep 20, 2018
Reversal of C9orf72 mutation-induced transcriptional dysregulation and pathology in cultured human neurons by allele-specific excision
  • Methylation profiling by high throughput sequencing
5 Claire Clelland Jan 02, 2024
The RNA helicase DDX6 regulates self-renewal and differentiation of human and mouse stem cells
100 Bruno Di Stefano Oct 03, 2019
Chromatin dynamics reveal circadian control of human in vitro islet maturation
169 Juan R Alvarez-Dominguez Nov 02, 2019
Global Mapping of Histone H3 K4 and K27 Trimethylation: Lineage Fate Determination of Differentiating CD4+ T Cells
12 Weiqun Peng Jan 21, 2009
Digital DNA methylation analysis of stem cell reprogramming by targeted bisulfite sequencing
  • Methylation profiling by high throughput sequencing
12 Kun Zhang Apr 27, 2009
Epigenetic modifications and their relationships to smRNA and mRNA transcriptomes in maize
14 Xiangfeng Wang Apr 28, 2009
High definition profiling of mammalian DNA methylation by array capture and single molecule bisulfite sequencing
4 Emily Hodges Jul 08, 2009
Nucleosome deposition and DNA methylation at coding region boundaries
  • Methylation profiling by high throughput sequencing
1 Jung Kyoon Choi Aug 11, 2009
Genome-wide mapping of Eset-binding sites and H3K9me3 state in mouse embryonic stem cells
3 Mikael Huss Nov 04, 2009
Global Epigenetic and Transcriptional Trends among Two Rice Subspecies and Their Reciprocal Hybrids.
24 guangming he Jan 20, 2010