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Relationship between DNMT1-RNA interactions, DNA methylation and gene expression
8 Touati Benoukraf Dec 01, 2012
Scl specifies hemogenic endothelium and inhibits cardiogenesis via primed enhancers
47 Tõnis Org Jan 01, 2015
Genome-wide analysis of histone modification, protein-DNA binding, cytosine methylation and transcriptome data in mouse and human ES cells and pig iPS cells
47 Pengfei Yu Feb 28, 2012
Transcriptional and Epigenetic Dynamics During Specification of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
10 Michael Johannes Ziller May 01, 2013
Dnmt1-Independent CG Methylation Contributes to Nucleosome Positioning in Diverse Eukaryotes
26 Jason T Huff Mar 13, 2014
RNA-Seq and BS-Seq of Sorghum bicolor tissues
14 Andrew J Olson Aug 29, 2014
Conserved imprinting associated with unique epigenetic signatures in the Arabidopsis genus
38 Mary Gehring Sep 01, 2016
Genome-wide analysis of DNA hydroxymethylation and methylation during epstein-barr virus infection.
8 Masaki Fukuyo Apr 28, 2017
The Epigenetic dysregulation of lncRNA on gene expression in Colorectal tumor
30 Zhu Hao Dec 07, 2020
Multivalent H3K9me2 Reader ADCP1 Functions as a plant HP1 to Maintain Epigenetic Silencing
22 QIANWEN SUN Nov 15, 2018
Embryonic stem cell-derived neurons as a model system for epigenome maturation during development
53 Ryan Lister Jul 25, 2023
Oxidized 5mC modifications in fungi
31 Kotryna Kvederaviciute Jan 13, 2022
Genome-wide maps of cytosine methylation, cytosine hydroxylmethylation and small non coding RNAs in mouse ES cells and upon guided differentiation to mesoendoderm cells
36 Pengfei Yu Sep 22, 2012
Regions of Focal DNA Hypermethylation and Long-Range Hypomethylation in Colorectal Cancer Coincide with Nuclear Lamina-Associated Domains
  • Methylation profiling by high throughput sequencing
2 Benjamin Berman Sep 27, 2011